Oct 062016

Exisle Publishing

Most families I know have one: a very special uncle who brings smiles and laughter wherever he goes. Our kids loved spending so much time with their Dutch uncle (my brother) last month and I know we made memories to last a lifetime. Often these awesome uncles have the most funny and interesting talents, but rarely as amazing as the one you’ll discover in this new picture book by Exisle Publishing:

Ants 'N Uncles

Written by award-winning author and illustrator Clay Rice Ants ‘N Uncles (RRP $24.99) is not only a true delight to read and admire but also a special piece of art. Using beautiful warm colours and eye catching silhouette art it tells the story of how an ordinary ant bed kicked off a wonderful dancing career.

From Paris to Mexico and from Rio to Mexico, the swinging uncle is now tapping, hopping, swirling and spinning all around the globe. Once the story is finished maybe your little ones would like to try their hand at some silhouette drawing too!

To find out more about Exisle Publishing, to take a closer look at Ants ‘N Uncles and to order a copy online visit www.exislepublishing.com.au.

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