Sep 042016

Empowering Resources

When people hear of a child that has been abused or groomed they often say: “Why did she not tell her parents?” or “How come his parents didn’t notice anything?”. The simple truth is that in many cases the child was too scared or confused to tell someone that something was wrong or they were told the abuse was a ‘special secret’ they should keep quiet. It is so important to talk to your child(ren) about keeping secrets and this fantastic picture book by Naomi Hunter is an excellent conversation-starter:

A Secret Safe to Tell

Using gentle, child-appropriate language and illustrations A Secret Safe to Tell (RRP $17) tells the story of a little girl whose special friend did things to her she did not like. He told her she was beautiful, he made her feel strange and guilty and told her no one would believe her if she’d tell. Her heart became heavy and she felt alone and embarrassed. Then she was brave and opened up, her heart became light again and she is finally free again.

If you have ever wondered how to discuss this tricky subject with your precious children but didn’t know where to start, this Empowering Resources book is an absolute must-read. It would be great for kindergartens, schools, libraries and community groups too.

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