Sep 062016

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Last month we went on a virtual trip to the multicultural state of Texas, this time A Kids Year is taking you on a brand new adventure to a famous place most people will only know from the movies: New York!

A New York Year

They call it ‘the city that never sleeps’ and I am not surprised, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to check out all that New York has to offer. Aussie author Tania McCartney has done an amazing job squeezing all the best facts about The Big Apple into a gorgeous children’s book called A New York Year (RRP $19.99).

Spread out over 12 months and 24 pages five cool NY kids from different backgrounds tell you about the state they live in, the things they celebrate, the places they visit, the food they eat and plenty of other fun things you never knew about New York. Illustrated with lots of colourful, engaging pictures, fabulous fonts and short sentences A New York Year is the most fabulous way to teach kids about a different country, city and culture.

Make up your own NY itinerary (Children’s Museum of the Arts, Howe Caverns and Central Park), mark your calendar (Inauguration Day, Harlem Week and Cinco the Mayo), join the festivities (Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular, Kwanzaa and Colombus Day), put on your apron (Churros, bagels and pancakes) and much, much more, with A New York you’ll be a New York expert in no time!

You can find the Kids Year series in leading book stores across Australia or online in the EK Books Shop.

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