Jun 282016


After seeing how well The Kid with the Amazing Head was received by our two 7-year olds I had no doubt Andrew Weldon’s next book would be able to tickle their funny bone too. It must be an awesome group of friends to hang out with: Steven with his magic head and then there is Stuart…

Andrew Weldon

Stuart? Considering nothing rhymes with Stuart and the fact that he is incredibly smart he simply goes by Trevor, Clever Trevor. Makes sense I guess! From the moment he was born this super talented kid has a real eye for special inventions, some incredibly useful and some not so much. When his evil teacher Mr. Shmedric steals one of Trevor’s inventions it makes him very rich, time for Trevor and his friends to come up with big plan to teach the horrible thief an important lesson in Clever Trevor’s Stupendous Inventions (RRP $9.99).

If you have a keen inventor at home who loves a good laugh ‘Clever Trevor’s Stupendous Inventions’ is sure to be a hit. We can’t wait to see what author and cartoonist Andrew Weldon is working on next!

To find out more about ‘Clever Trevor’s Stupendous Inventions’ by Andrew Weldon and to order a copy online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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