Jun 022016

Penguin Australia

I can’t believe it has been a whole year since I first introduced you to Marly, the newcomer in the Our Australian Girl book series. We met her when she first came to Australia all the way from Vietnam and read how she tried to settle in to the strange new city of Melbourne in 1983. The twins and I have been hanging out to see if her moneymaking scheme would pay off and if she would finally find her feet at school, so far it’s been a rather exciting story! It has been quite the wait but the last and final Marly book has just hit the shelves, find out what’s been happening in Marly’s world:

Marly 3Marly’s grandparents have come over from Vietnam and not everyone is excited about that. Marly is secretly a bit embarrassed about the way they look, their strange habits and the fact that she always has to translate, everywhere they go people seem to make fun of her and her family. Then grandpa turns their backyard into her vegetable garden, buys a chicken and even a goat called Agnes! Agnes may be small but she causes a lot of trouble in the neighbourhood in Marly and the Goat (RRP $14.99).

Marly 4After a long wait Marly’s baby brother has finally arrived, cute as he may be Marly is also a little jealous of baby Michael who is at the centre of everyone’s attention. It feels like everyone has forgotten about her, she even has to sleep on the couch these days! Then she sees an opportunity for her own moment in the spotlight, will she be able to pull off her impressive Michael Jackson dance routine at the end-of-year school concert in Marly walks on the Moon (RRP $14.99)?

To find out more about the ‘Our Australian Girl’ series, published by Penguin Books Australia, to read all about the characters and to order your own Our Australian Girl books online visit www.ouraustraliangirl.com.au.

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