Apr 072016

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With childhood obesity being such a big problem in Australia it is very important to talk to kids about being active and to show them that there are many different ways to get moving. We all know about kicking the ball or going swimming, but there are plenty of other sports to explore. This brand new Play School DVD is a fun introduction to a whole range of disciplines that will turn lazy couch potatoes into active kids:

Play School DVD

There is certainly no sitting still in ‘Play School: Humpty’s Big Adventure’, in the latest Play School DVD the egg-shaped favourite is off on 16 different adventures to learn all about moving and being active.

From trampolining to iceskating, from basketball to surfing and much more, in each bite-size adventure Humpty explores a fun new skill. Humpty is not afraid to give things a go, seeing real children on the water, the court, the field or the yoga-mat may even give your kids some ideas for a new sport to try. At around 4 minutes per episode this is a perfect pick for those ‘one more before bedtime’ nights or a quick movie while mum cooks dinner or hangs up the washing.

‘Play School: Humpty’s Big Adventure’ is available on DVD (RRP $14.95) at major retailers across Australia.

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  1. My young grandson would love this..tried and true Playschool!

  2. Yes please my son would love to watch this

  3. My 3 year old daughter adores this show! Yes please let me keep entertaining her in the car 🙂

  4. My 16 month old gorgeous girl Ayvah is OBSESSED with Play School & so deserves this !!

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