Mar 012016


While our girls cook up pretend food, play with dolls and draw and colour for hours, our one and only boy loves building, constructing and designing clever inventions that impress us all. He can spend a whole day with a box of Knex, elastic bands and little motors and loves showing off his handiwork afterwards. I absolutely loved this beautiful new picture book that celebrates the wonderful imagination of curious kids:

Something Wonderful

In Something Wonderful (RRP $24.99) we travel to a busy farm and meet a lovely boy called Sam who, like our son, is always building exciting inventions. Sometimes he is having so much fun taking things apart and putting them together that he forgets to do this chores, oops! Before you get angry at Sam for not helping out, look what he has been working on…

To find out more about ‘Something Wonderful’ by Raewyn Caisley and Karen Blair and to order a copy online visit

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  3 Responses to “Something Wonderful giveaway”

  1. What a wonderful book to win and read to my children

  2. If a story has animals or birds in it, our 3 year old will not leave my side.
    They look as though they may be on a farm too, just like Grandpa’s.
    He “fights” going to sleep when I read books such as this as Beditime Stories.

  3. Sounds great this book

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