Mar 102016


After reading how Jinny & Cooper manage to trick their nasty neighbour in ‘Jinny & Cooper: Revenge of the Stone Witch’ our twins were very keen to find out how Jinny and Cooper actually met (and if possible, where to find a talking guinea pig themselves). Let’s go back to where it all began, when Jinnifer received a rather special gift for her 10th birthday…

Jinny & Cooper

In ‘Jinny & Cooper: My Teacher’s Big Bad Secret’ (RRP $14.99) Jinny’s mum takes her to a pet shop to pick a guinea pig for her birthday, she is over the moon. The store owner seems very determined to sell them a rather scruffy guinea pig, not exactly what she had in mind but at least it’s a guinea pig, right? Jinny and her brother Tyrone soon discover that their new pet is not just an ordinary guinea pig: Cooper can talk, steals biscuits and can even become invisible!

When Cooper hitchhikes his way to school he immediately spots something worrying about Jinny’s teacher Miss Bunney. Everyone thinks she is just a lovely old lady but there is more to her than meets the eye… Miss Bunney is a witch who thrives on the essence of children. Jinny and Tyrone find it hard to believe their sweet teacher has such a ‘big bad secret’ so Cooper sets out to prove it…

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  1. All my kids grew up with Penguin books and enjoyed reading them, and now my grandkids with enjoy Penguin books as well

  2. Sounds like a really good read! Miss 8 and Master 5 would love it…

  3. Can’t wait! My son will love this

  4. My youngest daughter Chilli is learning to read, she would love this!

  5. I would love to win this for my children who would be thrilled

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