Mar 122016

It's About Us

A few weeks ago I told you about the heartbreaking movie Miss You Already, in which Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore portray two best friends who are dealt a devastating cancer diagnosis. I shed quite a few tears while watching, being a mother myself it is one of my greatest fears to have to leave behind my family and for my children to grow up without a mother.

Sadly there are many beautiful families who faces this reality and who are forced to prepare their children for the difficult time ahead. The wonderful team behind it’s about us understands how hard this is so they have put their hands and hearts together to help cancer sufferers and their families bundle their memories and leave a legacy for those left behind.

It’s about us has developed a digital scrapbook that can be customised and personalised into something that is relevant and meaningful to you and your loved ones. Providing inspiration through simple, personalised template style pages will allow you to capture your most special memories, emotions, quotes, stories and feelings through text and photos within a supported framework.

MomentoCreating your unique scrapbook is easy thanks to the handy, step-by-step software from Momento Photo Books, who have generously supported this great initiative by offering a 50% discount on all it’s about us books. There is also the opportunity to purchase a Momento Photo Books gift voucher, allowing the recipient to put together a precious keepsake that will be treasured for life. What a thoughtful gift during such a difficult time!

To find out more about it’s about us, to take a closer look at the it’s about us book or to start making your own visit

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