Feb 272016

If you have a big family like ours you will probably find that there is always a lack of storage space. With seven people our wardrobes are getting rather full so instead of rummaging through overflowing cupboards to find the right outfit I always sort the summer clothes from the winter clothes and put away the garments that are ‘not in season’. This makes it easier and quicker for myself and the kids to see what they can wear.

Clothing piles

If you are not blessed with a spacious attic, cellar or backyard shed you can always look for an offsite storage solution like accessselfstorage.com where you can rent short or long term storage space to suit your needs. Unfortunately clothes that have been packed up for a while can develop a yucky musty odour so taking a bit of extra care when storing your family’s clothes for the season could save you a lot of work later on.

Before you pack away your wardrobe there are a few simple things you can do to keep that musty storage smell at bay:

Scented Lavender Bag

  • Make sure you only store clean clothes that are freshly laundered and use plenty of fabric softener. If you pack away dirty, stained clothes you’re chances of rescuing them later are very slim!
  • Invest in a few large vacuum bags that close well and are transparent so you can easily see what’s inside. Not only will they help you stack and store more efficiently, they will also keep the nice odour in and dirt and dust out.
  • There is nothing wrong with old-school: Tuck in a traditional scented lavender bag or a few bars of fragrant soap, they are both affordable and effective.

When the time has come to unpack your long lost treasures you will hopefully be greeted by a pleasant smell, if you aren’t not all is lost just yet. Here’s how to tackle the job:

  • Start with a nice warm wash and add a cup of vinegar to your load. Vinegar is a natural astringent and disinfectant and will help get rid of any mould or mildew that may be hiding in the fabric.
  • Hang your washing up outside and let the sun and wind do their job, it’s completely free and works a treat!
  • Here’s one you probably haven’t heard of before, neither had I: If you have a few particularly smelly garments simply pop them in a plastic bag together with some (clean!) unscented cat litter in and close it, the cat litter apparently deodorises and eliminates yucky smells.

Clothes on the line

If you have a fabulous storage trick to add do let me know, I’d love to hear it.

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