Feb 082016

After a tiring first week at school it was really lovely to just relax as a family. We played in and around the house (well, the kids played and we tidied up), had lunch in the garden and explored our local reserve. I even managed to have a nap with Hattie (thanks hip daddy!) and squeezed in some exercise too! Having a big family can be hard work but when I see the kids having fun together and looking after each other I feel so very blessed, how wonderful to have so many siblings to share life with.

Memories 2

DSC_3110 copy

memories Hattie

Memories Olivia

DSC_2953 copy

Wearing (Juliet):
Tea Collection dress by Where Did You Get That?
Native Jefferson Shoes by Little Pinwheel

Wearing (Olivia):
Tea Collection Tee by Where Did You Get That?
Denim Shorts by Havoc Denim
Shoes by Clarks

Wearing (Sybil):
Striped Tee by Esprit
Denim Shorts by Run Scotty Run
PePe Nevada Bruciato Hi-Top Sneakers by Clovis by MeiKen

Wearing (Tommie):
Stripe Surf Tee by HEMA
Cargo Shorts by Eeni Meeni Miini Moh
Canvas Shoes by Seed

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