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As we are coming up to our 10th wedding anniversary I regularly think about how blessed we are to have met. All it took was one chance encounter between an Australian boy and a Dutch girl and our lives would never be the same again. We’ve spent our fair share of time on airports and train stations, these public places are such emotional hotspots! If you love a good ‘one chance encounter’ story too you are sure to enjoy Before We Go:

Before We Go DVD

A stolen handbag, a missed train and a dropped phone sees married woman Brooke (Alice Eve) stranded at Grand Central Station with nowhere to spend the night. Her phone is found by friendly busker Nick (Chris Evans) who offers to help Brooke find the missing bag and make her way back to Boston. Brooke seems to be under a lot of time pressure to be home before her husband arrives, but without money her chances of getting there are slim.

The two strangers spend the night travelling through New York searching for the handbag and money to travel home but also for answers to their biggest life questions. It’s in the quiet, early hours of the morning and deep conversations with someone they just met that both learn a lot about themselves, so that when they finally say goodbye they are changed forever.

‘Before We Go’ is now available on DVD (RRP $29.95) at all good retail stores across Australia.

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  1. I love a good romcom.

  2. School girl eyes lock to his on the train

  3. A love a great chick flick just makes you smile

  4. Riding the train to work my school crush sat beside me omg he spoke with me a dream for filled ☺️

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