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I won’t lie, after seven weeks of school holidays with five kids at home even my patience was starting to run a little thin. We’ve made Lego castles and Mecano cranes, we’ve held tea parties and dressed up, we played puzzles and built forts, we baked cookies and created art but I was slowly running out of ideas. So how do you keep two 7-year olds and a 5-year old happy for less than a tenner? Check out Top Trumps:

Top Trumps range

Top Trumps (RRP $9.99) by Winning Moves is a fun, affordable, easy-to-play card game for kids and a perfect example of ‘good things come in small packages’. Each pack of Top Trumps consists of a plastic storage case with 30 themed cards based on the topic of their choice, this could be characters from a TV show or book, different countries or animals and much more.

Top Trumps Countries

Players pull a card each and compare their statistics, the highest number comes up ‘Top Trumps’ and wins both cards, easy! While the concept is simple there is an educational side to it too. Top Trumps is a very enjoyable tool to practice recognising numbers (and learning about higher and lower), reading words and of course pick up some interesting facts in the process.

ShopkinsThe compact game is an ideal size for your handbag, kids’ backpack or even the dashboard of your car, it’s an excellent way to keep the kids entertained (and save your sanity) when you are out and about. You’ll be surprised how much they’ll love it and how long they can play Top Trumps without getting bored! Our kids even love just looking at the cards and checking out all the facts; peace and quiet, pocket size.

Countries of the WorldWith more than 40 different Top Trump titles to choose there is a fun pack for everyone. From popular characters like Barbie, Frozen, DC Comics and Doctor Who to educational gems like Countries of the World, Space, Dinosaurs and Volcanos, Top Trumps has got all interests covered. Priced at just 10 bucks it’s a fantastic pocket-money buy and kids can save up to collect all their favourite titles.

Top Trumps are readily available at some of Australia’s biggest stores e.g. Toys’R’Us, David Jones, Dymocks and ABC Stores, so pick up a new pack on your next shopping trip.

To find out more about Winning Moves, to browse the Top Trumps range and to order online visit www.winningmoves.com.au.

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