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This weekend I tearily packed away baby Harriet’s bassinet and newborn clothes. Teeny suits, tiny socks and beautiful wraps that our little Houdini already breaks free from, how can she possibly be three months old already? Thankfully there are also a few baby must-haves we are still thoroughly enjoying and our baby capsule is one of them:

Harriet Hospital Nuna

Before Harriet was born I spent a lot of time researching baby capsules, our baby’s safety is very important to us and capsules are a costly investment so I wanted to make a well informed decision. Aside from the safety rating there were a few other factors at play and after lots of umming and ahhing we finally settled on the Nuna Pipa, a choice I am still extremely happy with.

Nuna PipaWith a 4-star safety rating (see Child Car Seats) the Nuna Pipa is without a doubt one of the safest infant capsules around, in fact there are currently no higher rating seats available in Australia. Featuring a heavy duty shell, side impact protection and a 5-point safety harness the Pipa ensures your precious cargo is well protected. For extra peace of mind the Nuna offers a generous (up to) 6 year warranty as well as Crash Protect Support.

I immediately loved the chic look of the Nuna Pipa and I often get compliments from other mothers and storeowners who admire the sleek and modern design too. The neat black base and canopy are classy, timeless and versatile and the lightweight aluminium handle adds a trendy touch.

Nuna Joolz

The Nuna Pipa seat is extremely soft and padded and the premium micro knit fabric has a real luxurious feel to it (unlike some cheaper capsules that feel plasticky and sweaty). I love the fact that Harriet is surrounded by gentle protection, particularly around the head area, and can sleep comfortably. Especially for tiny arrivals a cushioned newborn insert is included to offer a snug and safe fit, we used this for the first few weeks.

Nuna Harriet

With the sunny Australian weather in mind the innovative Dream Drape is a fabulous selling point. This inbuilt sun shade can be pulled down to cover the entire front of the capsule and automatically stays in plays with magnets, so clever. I use the Dream Drape all the time, not only to keep harmful UV rays at bay outside or in the car but also for added privacy from curious strangers and to avoid Hattie being exposed to nasty germs in public areas. When not in use the Dream Drape can be zipped away in the hidden hood compartment.

Nuna Dream Drape

Don’t be fooled by its compact size and extremely light weight (the capsule weighs just 3.5kg, a blessing for my back!), the Nuna Pipa can be used directly from birth up to a very generous 13kg. This makes the Pipa a great investment and our Hattie has plenty of growth left in her capsule. As your baby grows you can refer to the handy height marker on the seat to decide when to move your little traveller into a bigger seat.

Nuna Height Marker

With more than 60 compatible prams the Nuna Pipa is an extremely versatile capsule that can turn many different prams into a complete travel system (using the correct adapters). We have used the Nuna Pipa in combination with the Joolz Day Earth (city stroll) and the Thule Urban Glide (off road walk), allowing us to go from car to shop, beach or park with Harriet asleep in the comfort and safety of her car seat.

Nuna Thule

The recommended retail price of the Nuna Pipa is $599, which considering the excellent safety rating, high quality and durability is a fair price. Of course you could save yourself some welcome change by shopping around, you’ll find that retailers regularly offer great deals especially if you purchase a pram and other nursery items at the same time. We purchased our Nuna Pipa at our local Toys’r’us and I was really happy with the service we received.

DSC_2478 copy

To find out more about Nuna, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.babyhood.com.au.

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