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Bobo & Boo

As most long-time Hip Little One readers will know food has always been a bit of an issue for our cheeky miss almost-3. While we have overcome quite a few challenges and outgrown allergies along the way it is still an ongoing battle to get her to eat so we are always looking for ways to help make family mealtime a success. Our latest find has been very well received, check out these sweet Bobo & Boo dinner sets:

Bamboo dinnerware

Bobo & Boo is a new Australian homeware label creating stylish eco-friendly dinnerware made from all natural, renewable and sustainable materials like bamboo, bran and cornstarch, making it a perfect pick for modern green families who want to look after the environment and avoid nasty plastics in their home.

Bobo & Boo PebbleSo why is bamboo the talk of the town? With more and more parents become aware of the potential dangers hiding in ordinary plastic the demand for a safer, greener solution has grown considerably. As a natural and renewable resource bamboo is a non-toxic and sustainable choice that is gentle on our our children and the world they grow up in, no wonder Bobo & Boo is such a hit with Aussie families!

Bobo & Boo PacificBobo & Boo dinnerware sets (RRP $25.95) consist of a matching bowl, plate, cup, fork and spoon and are currently available in 6 trendy colours. This means our five kids could each have their own special set or we could play a fun game of mix and match, miss 3 immediately had her heart set on the soft and happy sunshine yellow. Each Bobo & Boo set comes beautifully packaged in a nice gift box.

Officially Bobo & Boo dinnerware was designed with little people in mind but I have to admit I secretly enjoy a scrumptious Bobo & Boo bowl of yoghurt or fruit salad before bedtime too. The cutlery is an ideal size for small hands and it doesn’t feel cold and slippery like metal cutlery. I just love the soft, almost velvety texture of the bamboo, it’s rather luxurious! Good to know: Bobo & Boo dinnerware is dishwasher safe (top shelf), biodegradable and smash proof = Winner!

Bobo & Boo

To find out more Bobo & Boo, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit www.boboandboo.com.au.

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  1. Smashproof has to be a huge bonus, especially if you have little ones who think they are helping by putting finished with dishes in the sink but can quite reach to put them in the bottom so they drop them in. No chemicals leeching out of the plastic contaminating the food we eat.

  2. I love that there are no contaminants in the dinnerware – right from babyhood our little ones aren’t safe. Bottles, teats, dinnerware, anything they eat from. Often it seems manufacturers go out of their way to dress up toxic materials in beautiful bright colours with pics kids will be attracted to and pester their parents to buy for them. It’s up to all of us to make good choices for our kids and give them a good start like this company is trying to do.

  3. These are incredible dinner wear. They are absolutely amazing and have a great background. Imagine if they were mine. Wow I actually can’t haha.

  4. Wow just amazing set.I cant wait to setup this dinner set at my dinnig table.

  5. wow! smashproof dinnerset? wow need I say anymore! I cant even begin to count how many dinner sets we have gone through in our house! its all a bit of this and a bit of that here! these are simply gorgeous and the colours! wow… Mint I just adore the mint and we would love them for our home

  6. How amazing set! I simply adore a pastel green colour, and can’t imagine having this gorgeous eco friendly set. Having meal with this set, my toughts will be always with you.

  7. How amazing set! I simply adore a pastel green colour, and can’t imagine having this gorgeous eco friendly set. Having meal with this set, my thoughts will be always with you.

  8. Green colour looks good

  9. I would love to win this as i have not won anything so here goes norma

  10. Love any colour would be happy with any just a win would be good norma

  11. I love the feel of bamboo it’s natural safe unbreakable and best of all the colours are just amazing personally I’m a pink person but the rest would make the best mix and match set for at home or on picnics

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