Stepping out in style with Bobux

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Jan 312016


With the spotlight on ‘Back to School’ it’s all about our oldest three kids at the moment. Trying on uniforms, picking new backpacks, testing out lunch boxes and drink bottles… it may seem like miss Sybbie is missing out on all the fun but with her 3rd birthday just two weeks away she is getting ready for her own dose of excitement.

Bobux Sybil

It feels like yesterday that we battled to get some food into our tiny baby who was struggling to grow, now she measures almost 1 metre tall! She is such a cheeky, active girl and sitting still is definitely not her thing. She is always on the move, climbing, running, chasing, jumping, skipping, hopping as fast as she can and ideally as loud as she can too.

Bobux climbing

Her long, skinny body is not always as coordinated as she would like it to be so not a day goes past without a little slip, slide or fall, it’s good I keep a big supply of band-aids on hand! A good supportive pair of shoes is an absolute must for her growing feet and preferably a design that looks lovely, is non-slip and able to withstand the rough and tumble of active kids as well… I know, we have quite a wish list.

Bobux wood

At Bobux they understand that when it comes to children’s shoes parents don’t just want ‘cute’, ‘pretty’ or ‘cool’, they want quality, support, durability and comfort to encourage healthy, strong feet. Those little feet have to last a lifetime so, even though they will be hiding in socks or shoes most of the time, they are not something to mess around with. Children’s feet are serious business!

Wildflower Mary JaneLuckily the foot experts at Bobux know that the eye wants something too so they have combined al those must-have features with awesome looks that kids (and their parents) love, no wonder Bobux footwear is a hit around the globe. After careful consideration we decided the beautiful Wildflower Mary Jane (RRP $80, size 20-29) ticks all the boxes for us and miss Sybbie is super chuffed with her ‘red flower shoes’, happy faces all around.

Bobux solesThese versatile Wildflower Mary Janes are sweet and strong, flexible and feminine, comfortable and cute, safe and supportive, leather and long-lasting… they simply have everything we look for in the perfect girls’ shoe. Sybbie can be quite fussy with clothing and shoes and if they are ‘not right’ she will let us know immediately and refuse to wear them. For her to be happy with these gorgeous shoes says a lot.

The vibrant red colour is bright and cheerful and the leather is soft and beautiful quality. They really go with everything in her wardrobe and look lovely with bare feet in Summer but awesome with tights in Winter too. Also important: Sybbie loves being able to put them on and take them off herself thanks to the Velcro strap, our little miss independent is growing up…

Bobux slide

To find out more about Bobux, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

Jan 302016

Top Trumps logo

I won’t lie, after seven weeks of school holidays with five kids at home even my patience was starting to run a little thin. We’ve made Lego castles and Mecano cranes, we’ve held tea parties and dressed up, we played puzzles and built forts, we baked cookies and created art but I was slowly running out of ideas. So how do you keep two 7-year olds and a 5-year old happy for less than a tenner? Check out Top Trumps:

Top Trumps range

Top Trumps (RRP $9.99) by Winning Moves is a fun, affordable, easy-to-play card game for kids and a perfect example of ‘good things come in small packages’. Each pack of Top Trumps consists of a plastic storage case with 30 themed cards based on the topic of their choice, this could be characters from a TV show or book, different countries or animals and much more.

Top Trumps Countries

Players pull a card each and compare their statistics, the highest number comes up ‘Top Trumps’ and wins both cards, easy! While the concept is simple there is an educational side to it too. Top Trumps is a very enjoyable tool to practice recognising numbers (and learning about higher and lower), reading words and of course pick up some interesting facts in the process.

ShopkinsThe compact game is an ideal size for your handbag, kids’ backpack or even the dashboard of your car, it’s an excellent way to keep the kids entertained (and save your sanity) when you are out and about. You’ll be surprised how much they’ll love it and how long they can play Top Trumps without getting bored! Our kids even love just looking at the cards and checking out all the facts; peace and quiet, pocket size.

Countries of the WorldWith more than 40 different Top Trump titles to choose there is a fun pack for everyone. From popular characters like Barbie, Frozen, DC Comics and Doctor Who to educational gems like Countries of the World, Space, Dinosaurs and Volcanos, Top Trumps has got all interests covered. Priced at just 10 bucks it’s a fantastic pocket-money buy and kids can save up to collect all their favourite titles.

Top Trumps are readily available at some of Australia’s biggest stores e.g. Toys’R’Us, David Jones, Dymocks and ABC Stores, so pick up a new pack on your next shopping trip.

To find out more about Winning Moves, to browse the Top Trumps range and to order online visit

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Jan 292016

Bellhop Bags

If being more organised is one of your New Year resolutions for 2016 you are going to love today’s find. Whether you are a busy mama with little ones, a hard-working career woman or both, there is a good chance you won’t leave the house without a nice handbag or baby bag with all your important must-haves. Often the messy interior doesn’t match the stylish outside, thankfully Bellhop Bags is here to bring order to your chaos:

Bellhop Bags

Bellhop Files are a versatile sorting system that can be used in combination with your regular bag, so you don’t have to give up on your personal style. No more hunting in the dark, find instantly what you are looking for with Bellhop!

Bellhop Files BlueA set of Bellhop Files (RRP $39, Manhattan Red or Kaikoura Blue) consists of four strong canvas zip-up ‘files’ which connect to each other and your bag using a simple carabiner clip. Each Bellhop File has a convenient mesh window so you easily view the contents and a handy tab on top so you can grab the right file when you need it without wasting time. Some pre-printed and blank labels for your tabs are included.

Bellhop Files RedThe suggested tabs are a great start: Personal (driver’s licence, phone, wallet and keys), Change (some nappies and a packet of wipes), Toys (a few books, a small toy, some crayons and paper), Snacks (some prepackaged crackers, muesli bars, a box of sultanas and nuts) and more. They are items most mums will bring along when they are out and about and things you sometimes need in a hurry (nappy accident anyone?).

But of course there are plenty of other great uses for the Bellhop Files, the options are endless. How about giving each child their own file to fill with little bits and pieces for a car trip? A little make-up file for yourself for a quick makeover on the go? An emergency kit for the kids with a toothbrush and toothpaste, a hair brush, some hair clips and a clean pair of undies?

Bellhop Files Upclose

Do you have a cheeky toddler or two who love digging through your bag for a tasty snack or something to play with? Now you can instantly give them the right Bellhop File without the kids throwing out all your personal belongings for everyone to see. If you are swapping your bag for the day to suit your outfit or the occasion you can simply transfer your files too. Bellhop Files: Quick, convenient, easy!

Make sure you like Bellhop Bags on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news and specials.

Exclusive offer for Hip Little One readers: Save 15% on Bellhop Files, simply enter the code ‘HIPLITTLEONE’ at checkout. Offer ends March 31, 2015.

To find out more about Bellhop Bags, to browse the range and to order online visit

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CRU camps, a holiday to remember

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Jan 282016

CRU Camps

And that’s the Summer holidays done and dusted, didn’t those weeks just fly by? I have to say I love having the kids home but I can see how the older they get it does get trickier to keep them entertained. School holidays are all about relaxing, having fun with friends and making awesome memories so get in early for the next holiday break and gift your kids a holiday to remember with CRU Camps:

CRU Camps (part of a non-profit Christian youth organisation The Crusaders) is the largest provider of Christian holiday camps in NSW, running more than 60 camps per year and giving 3,300 campers an amazing experience to look back on. With 80+ years of experience under their belt you can safely call them the camp experts!

From horse riding to cooking, from snowboarding to fishing, from rock climbing to surfing, theme parks, campfires, craft and much, much more… there is no time to get bored on a CRU Activity Camp. There are so many cool activities lined up and no two camps are the same but one thing is sure, at the end of the camp you will have plenty to talk about. CRU Camps are a fabulous tool to help children build confidence, explore the outdoors, make new friends, learn about teamwork and communication, extend their horizon and discover new interests.

CRU Cooking


Don’t worry, aside from being super fun and exciting CRU Camps are of course safe too. With at least 1 camp leader to every 5 campers children are extremely well supervised and cared for 24 hours a day. CRU camp leaders are trained in child protection procedures, reference checked and screened in accordance with government child protection legislation and activity instructors are fully qualified.

CRU Water

CRU Camps are suitable for school years K to Year 12 (depending on the choice of camp) and all activities are carefully selected to suit the age and stage of the attendees. Some camps include overnight stays but there are day camps available too, ideal for children who prefer to sleep at home. Good to know: At all primary age camps a special camp ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’ will be present to care for the emotional needs of young campers.

CRU Sports

As a child I spent many school holiday going on camp and I love looking back at the photos of all those special times, such fond memories! In fact I am still in touch with some of the many friends I made along the way, the time at camp may be short but the friendships and memories last a lifetime and have made a big impact on my life.

Don’t just take my word for it, in the end the real proof is in all the raving feedback from CRU campers who share their experiences on the website and the CRU Camps Facebook page. So many happy campers who can’t wait to come back, bring on the next school holidays!

To find out more about CRU Camps, to find a camp near you and to register online visit

Sales & Savings – Week 4

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Jan 272016

Itty Bitty GreenieItty Bitty Greenie
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WDYGT?Where Did You Get That?
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What? Extra 10% off all sale items
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Szabo MaternitySzabo Maternity
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Bug Rugs
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Cheeky Little SolesCheeky Little Soles
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Jan 262016


Happy Australia Day! Today I am celebrating my 9th Australia Day since moving to this amazing country, aren’t we lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world? Obviously there is lots to love about Australia but the wonderful wildlife is one of my favourites, and it also happens to be the inspiration behind the latest My Arkadia range:

Arkadia giveaway

Designed right here in Australia by the talented designers of My Arkadia the brand new ‘A Wild Life’ collection celebrates some of Australia’s most iconic animals in style. From the kangaroo to the platypus, from the emu to the Tasmanian Devil and from the kookaburra to the rainbow lorikeet, Arkadia has all your Aussie favourites covered.

Arkadia Lorikeet

As you may know we are big animals lovers and often feed furry, feathered and even scaled visitors to our garden.  The kids especially like watching the galahs, rosellas and rainbow lorikeets pecking away at the bird feeder we installed right in front of our living room window. With that in mind this bright and colourful Lorikeet Rainbow Tee was made for our miss 7 and she absolutely loves it. Even baby Harriet will be celebrating her first Australia Day in style with the Matilda Infant Suit, how sweet is the little joey?

Arkadia Matilda

Made from soft organic cotton and using eco-friendly inks the Australia themed range is comfortable to wear and gentle on your child’s skin and the environment. The awesome children’s t-shirts (RRP $29.95) and infant suits (RRP $24.95) are available in a range of colours to suit boys and girls and sizes starting at a tiny 00 up to a size 14. Not only are they perfect for cool Aussie kids, they would make a fantastic souvenir for family and friends overseas too!

Charitee GirlsLooking for a t-shirt with a story? Precious echidna Piggie was kidnapped from the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital last year and later thankfully returned. The exclusive Charitee t-shirts by My Arkadia feature Piggie together with her new offspring Puggle, such a cute duo! All profits of the Charitee range go directly to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, prices start at $29.95 (Kids) up to $34.95 (Adults). Be quick, orders close January 29!

To find out more about My Arcadia, to browse the range and to order online visit, shipping is free Australia wide.

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Memories on Monday

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Jan 252016

Four months with sweet Harriet today… pure bliss! Yes it is hard work and yes we are tired but she is such a delight and everyone in the house is crazy about her. Her little face light up with a big smile when she spots one of her siblings and takes all their tickles, songs, pats and tight cuddles in her stride. In just a few weeks miss Sybbie will be celebrating her third birthday, someone is getting very excited!

Monday Hattie

Monday Syb