Dec 312015


At the end of December I always take a moment to look back at the year that has been, so much has happened in the last 12 months! Like most people I also make a handful of New Year resolutions for the year ahead, but this time I decided to shake things up a little and put the spotlight on other people than myself. I have come up with these five Acts of Kindness for 2016:

Hallmark CardSend a handwritten card/letter

While I am grateful for internet and mobile phones I really miss the excitement of receiving a sweet card or long letter in my letterbox. I am lucky I have a few ‘old-school’ family members who spoil me every now and then but I have to admit I usually forget to write them back. Next year I will make an effort to surprise my loved ones with a handwritten treat more often.

Brownie on a plateLove thy neighbour

We are very blessed with two sets of wonderful neighbours who are always happy to lend a helping hand. From looking after the kids to helping in the garden or even sharing their garden fresh vegetables, they are real gems! I may not be able to return all their favours but I can bake them some yummy treats to show my appreciation, a simple plate of brownies goes a long way.

Coins AustraliaCare with a coin

I’ll be honest, when I am rushing into the supermarket I rarely stop for the man/woman with a collecting tin. My excuse is that we donate to several good causes already but usually do so online. I recently realised how important it is for our children to see that every coin helps (and virtual coins don’t count for them), so I will be making more of an effort to dig up my wallet and let the kids hand over real money for a real cause.

Red TelephoneMake a phone call

When you are 92 like my Opa in The Netherlands the internet is too much to master so it’s a phone call or nothing. With 5 kids, a busy household and a big time difference between the two continents there are few moments for me to make a quiet phone call, which I feel really guilty about. I love hearing his voice and am going to pick up that phone more often in 2016.

bouquetSay it with flowers

Whether it’s a few handpicked flowers from the garden or a gorgeous bouquet that has been expertly put together, everyone loves a floral surprise. Of course you may not always have time to hand deliver but you can send flowers through Flowers For Everyone with just a few clicks, easy as pie. I have jotted down a few important dates for special people (anniversaries, birthdays) who deserve a lovely bunch this year.

What will be you be doing for someone else in 2016?

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