Dec 192015

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Christmas Countdown – Day 19

As a child one of the things I enjoyed most about the Christmas holidays was snuggling up on the couch and watching a lovely family movie. I may no longer be a child, and the weather here in Australia is quite different than the cold and snowy European Christmases of my childhood, but I still love a good family film and so do our kids. There is a great line-up of movies coming out these school holidays starting with this Aussie gem:

Oddball DVD

Placed in the beautiful seaside town Warrnambool (Victoria) and based on a hard-to-believe but true story Oddball is a truly heartwarming tale. For years park ranger and single mum Emily has been trying to fulfil her mother’s life work and protect the Fairy Penguin colony living on Middle Island, but with foxes attacking the colony the numbers are going down rapidly.

With a new penguin count around the corner, and the island very close to losing it’s sanctuary status, all hope seems lost. The Penguin Sanctuary will be turned into a Whale Watching Centre and Emily will lose her job and move away with her daughter Olivia (Livvy), time for grandpa Swampy to come up with a solution.


The unlikely hero of the story is Oddball, Swampy’s curious, adventurous and slightly naughty dog. Oddball turns out to be a brilliant penguin protector so at night he guards Middle Island and keeps foxes at bay. With no more penguin casualties, and even some penguins nesting, things are finally starting to look up, but then Oddball disappears and a number of penguins is killed by foxes…

Swampy is not one to give up on Oddball so together with Livvy he sets out to find out who is behind Oddball’s disappearance. But will they be in time to save the penguin colony?

‘Oddball’ is available on DVD (RRP $39.95) and Blu-ray (RRP $44.95) at major retailers across Australia.

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  5 Responses to “Christmas Countdown Day 19 – Oddball”

  1. love to watch this with my kids

  2. What an enjoyable movie this would be a family movie goes along with xmas

  3. I love family movies, Oddball sounds great. ***Merry Kiss-mas Hip Little One***!

  4. My little 5 year old saw this film advertised and would love to see it!

  5. One of the best animal movies Ive seen in a while

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