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Christmas Countdown – Day 13

As you may have seen on the blog we recently took the kids out for a lovely morning of cherry picking in the beautiful Adelaide Hills. Although we have lived in the foothills for over six years this was our first time visiting a PYO cherry farm, I can’t believe we hadn’t done this before as it was so much fun! If I hadn’t read this lovely new summer read by best-selling author Trish Morey I would never have thought of going there but I am so glad we did:

Cherry Season

When I read the introduction to Cherry Season and saw that the story was based just around the corner in the Adelaide Hills I knew I had to read it. In a way it felt like I was there as American backpacker Lucy arrived in Adelaide and discovered the gorgeous little towns, admired the amazing scenery and met the special people that live in this wonderful part of South Australia. I recognised many of the locations mentioned the book and remembered seeing them myself for the first time when I moved to Australia back in 2006, what a lovely way to be transported back almost 10 years ago.

When free spirit Lucy lands herself a temporary job as a cherry picker at one of the cherry farms she has no intention to stay on after the season ends. She enjoys living in the moment and is not one to settle down for a boring life of repetition and planning ahead. Falling in love with hard-working farmer Dan was never her plan. It wasn’t exactly what Dan was dreaming of either, all he really wanted was a steady and reliable farmer’s wife.

As the season continues Lucy becomes part of Dan’s welcoming family and she starts to see that staying in one place, especially one as stunning as the Adelaide Hills, is not all that bad. At the same time Dan learns to let go a little and he comes to love and appreciate Lucy’s spontaneity. It may be the end of the cherry season but it is by no means the end of this blossoming romance.

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  9 Responses to “Christmas Countdown Day 13 – Cherry Season”

  1. love to win this book

  2. This sounds and looks like a fantastic book to read.

  3. What a beautiful read for the school holidays.

  4. I would love to read this book!
    I live in South Australia & have never heard of it!
    I do love the peace & serenity of the Adelaide Hills, far far away from the freeway of course!

  5. I believe this may be based on real life. Dan’s surname is though I am not sure if the spelling is correct.
    The late Sir Thomas Playford, former Premier of South Australia owned a large cherry orchard on Norton Summit Road in the Adelaide Hills. I believe one of the cottages on the property has been converted to a Bed & Breakfast.

  6. good luck

  7. I love a great holiday read and this sounds like a beauty

  8. I remember wearing cherries over my ears as a kid,so funny that something so small gives you so much joy when your young !

  9. This book would be a wonderful surprise to give my wife so she can relax and remove herself from the daily grind this summer

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