Nov 102015

Penguin Australia

Can you believe Christmas is next month? It’s such a lovely, warm and joyful time of year and kids catch on to all this excitement early on. I bet Santa has received his first Christmas wish lists of 2015 already! In this beautiful new book by Aussie favourites Jane Godwin and Anna Walker we get to take a look at some of the many different things that make Christmas time special:

What Do You Wish For?

From wonderful memories and treasured traditions to fun people to spend it with and much longed for gifts, What Do You Wish For? has got Christmas covered. Everyone in the street is looking forward to the big Christmas show and writing down their paper wishes to hang on the big tree. But what does Ruby really want for Christmas this year?

What Do You Wish For?

Every family celebrates Christmas a little differently and this delightful Christmas book captures all those different aspects beautifully through words and pictures. Don’t hide this sweet book until Christmas Day, sit down and share it with your children in the weeks before and talk to them about what makes Christmas special for your family.

To find out more about What Do You Wish For? (RRP $24.99) by Jane Godwin, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit

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  5 Responses to “What Do You Wish For? giveaway”

  1. All my son really wants is to spend time with his family, oh, and some new shoes! Lol

  2. I still can not believe Christmas is so close!
    This year has gone by so quickly!
    This looks like a fantastic childrens book. Thank you so much for sharing, & for another amazing give away.

  3. My daughter has been in agony for over two months due to teething pain yet still no teeth have come through, poor darling, so I would have to say teeth are on the top of her Santa wish list even though she can’t talk yet!

  4. i wish for a day of joy and peace for all

  5. Our lad want everything he sees ,so it will be full of excitement on Xmas day

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