Nov 162015

She may only be 7 weeks old but little miss Harriet has already got her very first holiday under her (sleepy) belt. With my parents visiting from The Netherlands we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to show them our favourite Aussie holiday destination, Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park. We already stayed there 7-8 times but we still absolutely love it and look forward to going there again, it’s a little piece of paradise that never loses its charm.

We admired the beautiful mountains, we walked the tracks and descended to the bottom of a waterfall, we ate ice-cream, fed the birds, enjoyed lazy breakfasts and shared late dinners on our own balcony while watching the kangaroos and simply had a perfect holiday. If you are looking for a family friendly holiday surrounded by stunning nature and wildlife I can highly recommend it!

Juliet Halls Gap Lakeside

Kookaburra Halls Gap Lakeside

Harriet 6 weeks

Mc Kenzie Falls Halls Gap

Kangaroos Halls Gap Lakeside

Sybbie Halls Gap Lakeside

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  1. I grew up in Mt Gambier and The Grampians was our annual holiday destination. I still have awesome memories of it (especially Silent Street and the amazing walks)

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