Nov 222015

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For most children mummy and daddy are their first proper words, but of course our quirky 2-year old likes doing things a little differently. The traditional ‘Daddy’ has proven to be very tricky for her so hip daddy has been christened ‘Dougie’, don’t ask us why! I am sure in time she’ll work it out but for now we’re perfectly happy with Dougie, it never fails to put a smile on our faces. I wonder if this is also why she gets very excited when it’s time for the fabulous, fun and friendly dog Duggee to appear on ABCKids…

Hey Duggee DVD

In ‘Hey Duggee: The Super Squirrel Badge & Other Stories’ we follow Duggee and his buddies from the Squirrel Club as they learn about teamwork, responsibility, solving problems and helping each other. In each of the ten episodes the club members go on a different adventure and earn a new badge to take home.

Like the time that the Squirrel Club discovered a lost little duck and turned into real superheroes by returning the duckling to the happy mother duck, this good deed earned them the Super Squirrel Badge. Or how about the time Happy the crocodile accidentally ate the rabbits’ cake… Don’t worry, the Squirrel Club came to the rescue by baking a fresh round of cakes for the hungry bunnies, that’s the Cake Badge in the pocket. There is a never a boring day when you’re part of Duggee’s Squirrel Club!

‘Hey Duggee: The Super Squirrel Badge & Other Stories’ is available on DVD (RRP $19.95) at major retailers across Australia.

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  1. Hey Duggie is my kids’ fave show! They run to the TV when they hear its on!

  2. My daughter would like to huggee duggee……lol

  3. would love to watch this with my children

  4. Miss 2 would love this…

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