Nov 292015


After five babies there are many things that get easier, but for me breastfeeding is definitely not one of them. Personally I prefer to quietly feed my baby in the comfort of our own home but sometimes you have no choice but to feed away from home, especially this time of year with so many events, BBQs and parties coming up. Luckily discreet breastfeeding has proven to be much easier than I thought thanks to Frugi:

Frugi 'Mother'

I first discovered Frugi a few years ago when I was hunting for hip clothing that would be gentle on my daughter’s sensitive skin. The beautiful organic cotton was soft and comfortable and the designs gorgeous so Frugi has been a personal favourite ever since for all of my babies. Of course it is not just the little ones who deserve Frugi quality, which is why Baby Gift Works also stocks some lovely Frugi pieces especially for (nursing) mums.

Frugi 1

The Frugi ‘Mother’ collection is designed to make breastfeeding easier whilst being comfortable to wear and easy to care for. Made from the same organic cotton as the children’s range you know there are no nasty chemicals hiding in your clothing, yay for baby snuggles that are both soft and safe! Nice to know: Frugi donates 1% of their turnover to environmental charities.

Frugi 2

This dusty turquoise Frugi Summer Tie Dress (RRP $136.95, size Small, Medium and Large) in pretty Blooming Garden print is the perfect light frock for the upcoming summer season. I love how it covers and stretches in all the right places without looking baggy or slouchy, a great boost for this tired mama’s confidence. The under-bust tie adds a lovely feminine shape and is very flattering, even if you still have some baby kilos to hide like I do.

Frugi Dress 3

When it comes to feeding time gently slide the fabric to the side to unveil the secret nursing panel underneath, in doing so you create a small opening that allows your baby to latch on without mum having to display too much skin. If you didn’t know any better you would never guess this dress is a ‘breastfeeding’ garment so you can easily wear it post-nursing too. I am not a confident ‘public breastfeeder’ at all but in this dress I managed to feed Harriet without feeling exposed, big win for me!

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