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Now that Spring is well and truly here it’s time to get your home and outdoor area ready for a Summer long of entertaining, true Aussie style. Dust off the outdoor setting, oil the deck, trim the bushes and mown the lawn so you can send out the invites for your first BBQ of the season. As always you can count on the party specialists at PartyLite to make your next get-together a stylish one:

PartyLite Garden Vines

The latest PartyLite catalogue (Everyday Vol.2, 2015) is filled with new fresh and fragrant arrivals that are sure to deliver a real Spring experience. Looking for some inspiration? Put your feet up and click through the beautiful full-colour catalogue online or get a group of girlfriends together for a relaxing PartyLite party in the comfort of your own home.

Garden VinesOne of the highlights of the current outdoor collection is this beautiful Garden Vines Hanging Votive Holder (22cm, RRP $75 each or $135 per set) in classy bronze-coloured metal. It looks amazing hanging from your veranda using the included chain and even more eye-catching when you combine multiple Garden Vines Hanging Votive Holders hanging at different heights. Bonus: I love how the extra height keeps the candles away from curious little hands.

Peach Honey CitronellaOf course you can also place the candle holder on your outdoor table as a unique centre piece for your next dinner party, while enjoying the scent of your favourite PartyLite candle. The glass cup inside is the perfect fit for the famous PartyLite votive candles or tealights, which are available in an extensive range of wonderful fragrances to suit your personal taste, the season or special occasion. The sweet and summery Peach Honey Citronella blend is the perfect pick for the warmer months ahead.

To find out more about PartyLite, to browse the latest catalogue or took book a PartyLite party visit www.partylite.com.au.

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  25 Responses to “PartyLite giveaway”

  1. How incredible!!!
    I love entertaining but spring can be difficult with severe hay fever allergies.
    Thank you for sharing & for an amazing give away 🙂

  2. Absolutely stunning, can see this would make a wonderful ambience.

  3. Wow! This is a must for my husband and me as we are usually the best hosts!:))

  4. Such a beautiful looking candle holder, gorgeous hanging or on the table as a centrepiece, I just love it

  5. jasmine the smell makes me daydream tropical island and balmy nights, parties, barbecues, beach.

  6. I actually really like the look of the votive holder. May family and I like to have lots of outside dinners in summer and to have votive candles that keep the mosquitos away as well as a beautiful holder for them to be in would be great!

  7. Such a great prize for any candle lover 🙂 good luck every one

  8. This would be great outdoors, and I love the smell of Peach Honey Citronella Range 🙂

  9. Hi we love to party this Xmas would be a beautiful centre piece on our table with citrusy scent of peach hint of honey sweetness.

  10. Very different and unique love partylite and also hip little ones
    products- spoiled for choice

  11. Freshly mown grass and daisy’s. .simple

  12. Stunning Candle holder Partylite, you have done it again. I would love to have this Hanging or in the center of my table. With the new “Peach Honey Citronella” fragrance that screams Spring and Summer time any get together or B.B.Q would be enhanced by these products.

  13. I love these products, can wait to see more of it, thanks! 🙂

    Just stunning, would look amazing in my new entertaining area.
    Thank you for you competition.

  15. So many blooms with amazing aromas.
    Roses, Petunias, Marigolds, Lavender, Jasmine and many others in surrounding areas at the moment.

  16. PartyLite’s outdoor collection is just beautifully elegant and would enhance any setting.

  17. This looks so stylish and romantic would love to spend a nice dinner with my hubby and beautiful light in our garden

  18. What a great lite, might buy one even if I do not win it.

  19. I love spring and entertaining guests for weekend barbecues and late night drinks.
    The Partylite’s outdoor collection would be a great addition along with its sweet smell and stylish look.

  20. Would really enjoy this prize

  21. Living in Cape York summer is mozzie land eating outside would be heavenly with these beautiful outdoor collection

  22. Best start for a night with friends.

  23. Im a major partylite fan, who loves spring, summer & BBQs but the beauty of the Garden Vines Collection is you can use it all year round inside or out. Cant wait to try my new Peach Honey Citonella

  24. freshly cut grass,
    its a lovely outdoor fresh smell
    that makes you want to spend time outside

  25. This would be amazing to win, so many beautiful fragrances and styles

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