Sep 052015

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It was few months ago that I first saw a sneak peek of a gorgeous children’s book called Suri’s Wall. I only got too see a few pages then but I loved it immediately and have been counting down to release date ever since. Yesterday Suri’s Wall finally hit the shelves and all I can say is this: it is even better and more touching than I expected.

Suri's Wall book

If you adore a beautiful book cover you will absolutely love the pretty, linen-style, textured hardcover chosen for Suri’s Wall. Suri lives in a small town surrounded by a big wall. Her extra long body makes her stand out from all the other children and the taller she gets the more she feels like she doesn’t fit in. Until one day she is tall enough to look over the town’s wall…

Suri's Wall inside 2

Now that she can see what’s on the other side of their sheltered world the children start flocking to Suri to hear all about the big mysterious world out there. She takes her audience on special journeys, enriching their lives and enabling them to imagine a colourful world of magic and beauty.

Suri's Wall inside

What the children don’t know is that what really happens outside Suri’s wall is far less pretty than the picture she paints, but in the end maybe that doesn’t matter at all. Beautifully illustrated by Matt Ottley, Suri’s Wall is a heartwarming story of acceptance, of finding your strengths in being different and the power of imagination.

To find out more about Suri’s Wall (RRP $24.99) by Lucy Estela, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit

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  1. She see their future

  2. I hope she sees the world in all its beauty, but she may see it in all it’s horror.

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