Sep 012015

Penguin Australia

As you may know our son Tommie has been a big fan of the Aussie Stuff Happens boys books from the start. He loves it when a new title is added to the range and has enjoyed all of them so far, in saying that he has been especially hanging out for Tom to be added to the Stuff Happens family (nothing like reading your own name in a book!). Last month the wait was finally over, meet Tom and Harry:

Stuff Happens TomJust when he thought the tennis cup was his Tom’s luck turns around and he loses the match. His confidence has taken a big hit and he may even quit tennis all together. Stuff Happens: Tom teaches young readers that the power of imagination and believing in yourself are important keys to achieving your goal. Winning is awesome but it is okay to make mistakes too, once Tom starts believing in himself he is finally able to hit the winning serve and enjoy tennis again.

Stuff Happens HarryIn Stuff Happens: Harry the whole class goes on an excursion to the art gallery and Harry discovers that art is not as boring as he thought it was. Normally he prefers to fly under the radar so when it turns out he has a talent for drawing Harry has mixed feelings. On the one hand he loves the compliments of his mum and teacher but he is also worried his friends will make fun of him. When his artwork is the big hit at the Art Fair he realises that being different is pretty cool too.

To find out more about the Stuff Happens series (RRP $9.99 per book), published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit

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  1. Love reading books to the kids ,seeing them imagine the story.

  2. Children need to hear 1000 stories before they could ever read 1.

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