Sep 192015

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With the school holidays (and a new baby) around the corner I have been stocking up on things to do for our four kids. I’ve hidden a stack of new books, tucked away some toys and games and grabbed a few DVDs to keep them entertained, let’s hope we can keep the kids happy and mummy sane! For our youngest who loves songs and dance I’ve wrapped up some new Giggle & Hoot entertainment:

Giggle & Hoot DVD

If the kids can’t get enough of Jimmy Giggle, his best mate Hoot the Owl and the lovely Hootabelle they’re in for almost an hour of giggly fun with ‘Giggle & Hoot: Giggle Fangs & Hootabulous Favourites’. Meet their newest friend Giggle Fangs the Bat and join the happy group in nine catchy sing-a-long tunes including ‘Cloud Bouncing’ and ‘My Batty Lair’. After all that singing and dancing the performance wraps up in style with the famous ‘On The Night Watch’ and ‘Hoot’s Lullaby’.

To get you in the mood for Christmas the DVD also includes a bonus Giggle & Hoot Christmas Special, after all Christmas is just 3 months away!

‘Giggle & Hoot: Giggle Fangs & Hootabulous Favourites’ is available on DVD (RRP $14.95) at major retailers across Australia.

To find out more Roadshow Entertainment, to read all about Giggle & Hoot and to order your copy online visit

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  5 Responses to “‘Giggle & Hoot: Giggle Fangs & Hootabulous Favourites’ giveaway”

  1. We also love Giggle And Hoot in this house!
    Wonderful competition!
    Thanks Hip Little One!!!

  2. Hoot will stop my 14 month old grandson in his tracks, no matter what he is doing. Hehehe we even had to buy a Hoot plush toy last week 🙂

  3. My son will love this

  4. You dare not disturb our youngsters when they are watching Giggle and Hoot.
    Master 3 year old will frown, then make the signal his Dad makes when he means “no”. If ignored he then says “sssshhhh” (we’ve had many a laugh at him – he thinks we are laughing at Giggle and Hoot)


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