Sep 292015

It’s been a very long time in the making but now the wait is finally over, here’s your first look at the exclusive Girl Guide Uniform designed for the Australian Girl doll. My three girls are always asking for new additions to their Australian Girl wardrobe so I had no doubt this gorgeous new set would be a massive hit, doesn’t it look awesome?

Girl Guide Uniform

The brand new Girl Guide Uniform (RRP $32.95) consists of three pieces: a lovely navy blue pleated ‘skort’ (a trendy skirt and shorts combination), a Girl Guide replica shirt and the unmissable sash, after all you wouldn’t be a real girl guide without it. Of course everyone has to start at the beginning, I wonder what the first badge will be? To create your badges you can use anything you like: Buttons, stickers, tiny appliqués, embroidery… use your famous girl guide creativity and put together your doll’s unique sash.

Aussie Style Jacket

To get the ultimate Girl Guide look you can complete your outfit with the new navy/yellow Aussie Style Jacket (RRP $24.95). While this stylish coat with traditional Southern Cross embroidery on the sleeve matches the Girl Guide uniform perfectly it would also look fabulous on little athletes as they prepare for their next sport match or even the Olympics! Designed for chilly night the Aussie Style Jacket is warm and cosy and does up with a zip (as opposed to nasty velcro!).

Girl Guide Uniform

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  13 Responses to “Australian Girl Doll giveaway”

  1. I would love to see the Girl Guide Australia badge on the sash, and then the options to buy additional patrol and state badges

  2. I think these are just adorable!
    I love the Amy one because my name is also Amy, I am also girl & I live in South Australia too 🙂
    Wonderful giveaway thank you very much 🙂

  3. I was a Girl Guide in the U.K. My niece in Tazmania LOVES Australian Girl, I want her to win so that she can have a doll just like her Aunt 🙂 xxx

  4. our. Australian Girls, Emily and Annabelle have been Kiwi Girls for a year now !!! complete little New Zealanders both of them but we dont mind whatever the badges are, a Guide, a Brownie or a Pippin are the same the world over really !!!!!

  5. Very nice! I like all the different pieces to the uniform to make it complete.

  6. Awesome! Just love the whole idea of Australian Girl Dolls representing the adventure and community caring of Girl Guides. Would love for the opportunity of each Guide patrol to have an Australian Girl Doll as a welcoming mascot to new guides and wear the company badge. Would be a lovely gift idea to any Australian guide who moves overseas, too.

  7. Is the uniform shown above authentic??

    • Hi Rosemary
      The Australian Girl girl guide uniform is a replica of the Australian Girl Guide uniform. It is not exactly the same but as close as it could be made for a doll. For instance the Southern Cross motif could not be placed on the back of the shirt as it needs to open at the back for dressing a doll so it was put on the sleeve. The colours are close if not the same. Check images on Google by searching Australian Girl Guides. The skort is optional and some wear pants, jeans or shorts. We asked girls what they would like and what they wear. Lots love the skort. Please complete a contact form on the Australian Girl website if you have further questions.

  8. These are so gorgeous. I’m sure my girl like many others would love these. My favourite part of guides was cookie selling. Mum was a leader and I think she bought the most as we ate while we sold. It was a fun day out with friends and I’d keep the doll fun with a cookie selling badge.

  9. Very smart and beautiful done

  10. My daughter was a Girl Guide and learnt so many skills that I would love her daughter to acquire.

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