Aug 292015

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I don’t know about you but I try to stay up-to-date with what my kids are reading and always do a quick parent check of the books they bring home. On several occasions I have sent them back to the school library with the books they borrowed, simply because I felt they were not suitable. Strangely enough it’s the stories that are a little scary and very disgusting that are particularly appealing to kids, especially our son loves a bit of a thrill. If you’re looking for a kids read that satisfies that need for excitement yet is completely innocent look no further than Will Mabbitt‘s latest release:

Mabel Jones

In ‘The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones’ we follow Mabel, as she gets taken from her quiet bedroom in the midst of the night and is child-bagged by a bunch of quirky pirates. How did Mabel end up on board of the Feroshus Maggot you may wonder? Well, Mabel was spotted doing¬†‘the deed’: the ceremonial picking of her nose and consuming the retrieved bogeys. Her fate was determined by this simple action and now she is doomed to walk the greasy pole of certain death…

Mabel always says she is not scared of anything but will she still be so bold when meets the pirate crew?

To find out more about The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones (RRP $14.99) by Will Mabbit, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit

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  1. Yes please sounds like an amazing book i would love to win

  2. Another special moment with the grandkids planned.

  3. Looks great for school holiday fun.

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