Aug 042015

Penguin Australia

As I didn’t grow up in Australia I still have a lot to learn about famous Aussie children’s books and popular authors. I am slowly catching up though, when the twins started school last year I quickly discovered some of the hot favourites and our collection is growing every week. Our very experienced school teacher spoke particularly highly of Pamela Allen‘s books and so far our kids have loved them all. Pamela’s latest book has just hit the shelves and it’s another winner:

The Man with Messy Hair

Featuring Pamela’s signature illustrations and written in a engaging rhyming fashion ‘The Man with Messy Hair’ is a joy to read, listen to and look at. The beautiful hardcover picture book tells the story of a quirky little man with messy hair…

Messy Hair inside

The man with messy hair is not too bothered by his unruly (and rather unclean) mop, even if gets in the way when he has to do up his shoes or when he walks and even if people make fun of him on the street. But then his unkept hair leads to an interesting adventure, who would have thought a head full of messy hair could be so funny?

To find out more about The Man with Messy Hair (RRP $24.99) by Pamela Allen, published by Penguin Books Australia, and to order online visit

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  4 Responses to “The Man with Messy Hair giveaway”

  1. I’ve never read a Pamela Allen book but I think this would be great for storytime!

  2. Children learn a lot from books – not just reading

  3. love reading Mr McGee to my kids

  4. A child needs to hear 1000 stories before they can tell one.Im ready to read Pamela Allen every day to get my grandkids moving along.

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