Jul 062015

All I can say this week is: ‘Thank God it is school holidays’. I have really been hanging out for the end of term so to finally put away the lunch boxes and fold away the uniforms is a big relief. I am looking forward to spending two relaxing weeks at home with the kids, especially considering the fact that next school holidays we will probably have a newborn in the house…

Egg Maternity Dress

This pregnancy is just flying by and my baby belly is growing fast, there is definitely no hiding this bump anymore! Can you believe I picked up this Egg Maternity Tee Dress on sale for the absolute bargain price of just $19.95? (They still have some left in stock at Maternity Revolution, be quick and grab one while you can) I bought it back in my first trimester and am getting lots of wear out of it, it is really stretchy, soft and comfortable.

Egg Maternity Syb

As you can maybe imagine after carrying four babies (including twins) in less than five years time my pelvic stability is not what it used to be. Sadly this has been progressively getting worse with each pregnancy so this time around I am determined to do everything I can not to let these pains and problems ruin my joy and excitement.

Egg Maternity Tee Dress

SRC Pregnancy LeggingsThese black SRC Pregnancy Leggings (RRP $199.95, size XXS – XXL) are recommended by health professionals and specifically designed to provide pregnant women with much needed support and relief for their pelvic/back area. I only started wearing them this week so I can’t give you proper feedback just yet but so far it is looking and feeling very good. I’ll make sure to share a thorough review near the end of my pregnancy.

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