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There is no denying it, life with a family of six (soon seven) is BUSY. There is always something happening, books to be read, hair to be plaited, jokes to be shared, tears to be dried, chores to be done, meals to be cooked and much more. Most days I manage to stay sane (some I don’t!) thanks to my organised nature. I am a planner, someone who thinks ahead where possible and gets things sorted in advance to avoid chaos.

Decor 5-piece SetLike all mums I have many jobs and some I am better at than others, I’ll be honest and admit that cooking will never be my big talent but of course my hungry tribe still needs to be fed so it has to be done. Thankfully it is okay not to be good at everything and there are some wonderful mamas out there who generously share their gifts and ideas to keep you inspired like the lovely Katrina at The Organised Housewife.

Decor Fridge

Grab & Go, just the way I like it!

I often jump onto Katrina’s blog to discover new recipes and meal ideas and I particularly love her helpful Lunchbox Ideas section. Prepared with a big stack of Décor containers and inspired by The Organised Housewife I regularly fill up my freezer with delicious meals, lunchbox snacks for our kids, that way I never find myself empty handed! I love opening my fridge or freezer and seeing a stack of red containers full of yummy, homemade food waiting for us.

Decor Oblong 1

Easy left-overs for hubby’s lunch

The reusable Décor Microsafe range is ideal for storing meals in fridge or freezer and even defrosting, heating and steaming in the microwave thanks to the handy steam release vent. Doing all of this in one single container means no need to transfer food and create more dirty dishes, yay! The stackable containers are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes (perfect for family meals, single meals, cakes, soups and sauces) and you can use your fridge and freezer space as efficiently as possible.

Tellfresh Tag SetTo help you keep track of your stash you can label your meals with Tellfresh Tags that can be attached to the  side of each container. The Tellfresh Storer System Tag Set (RRP $3.49) comes with 12 waterproof tags, a little pencil and eraser (yep, they’re reusable) so you will never be guessing what exactly is inside and when you cooked it, that means there will be less wasted food. Décor Microsafe products are made right here in Australia and are free from BPA so they keep your food fresh AND safe.

To find out more about Décor, to locate a stockist near you and to browse the range visit www.decor.com.au.

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  21 Responses to “Décor giveaway”

  1. with 5 chiloren these decor containers would be very handy

  2. great prize always need good quality containers

  3. Love decor containers my husband and I use them for everything!

  4. Adds DECORum to my fridge.

  5. Love to win them be gd for my lg

  6. Would be fantastic for storing left over food and taking lunch to work so easy to reheat thank y for the opportunity to enter

  7. I use the decor microwave cups the most, safe for heating and eating soups , stews and noodles. I also use the med decor containers for heating cheerios and hotdogs, fill with boiling water then pop on the lid.

  8. Wonderful prize. A gem for the lucky winners kitchen cupboards. Thanks for the chance #fingerscrossed

  9. Thsnk you for the chance to enter love microsafe products

  10. Love using Décor containers to store food. I love the little clip on top that allows the food also keep cooling down once inside to eliminate condensation.

  11. I’d love to try plz

  12. You can never have too many containers – quality product !!!

  13. There is constantly a demand for soup mugs

  14. The reusable Décor Microsafe range is so versatile and easy to use. A great Décor prize prize I would love to win. Gook luck to all entering 🙂

  15. With another bub on the way, these versatile containers will be perfect to freeze meals when I’m nesting and defrost and heat up during the busy times when bub is born!

  16. “decore is debomb”!

  17. They are great containers used them for years at low cost

  18. Love the Decore Microsafe range, my house is full of them (in fact the even seem to be my 1 year old daughters favourite toy as well) they last forever, and are brilliant in the freezer/microwave/dishwasher – the only issue I have is a I can never keep track of the little red tops on the lids, that’s not a fault of Decore, that’s my 1 year olds lol

  19. Never settle for less, Decor is the BEST

  20. I love the red! These containers for my little hipster will stand out in the fridge and freezer!

  21. Since my big kids have left home it seems my storage containers went with them too.

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