Jul 182015

Boon Inc

With less than 3 months to go until our new baby is due I have started nesting early and dug up all my baby gear. Looking at piles of tiny baby clothes makes me very excited, the sight of a breast pump and lots of bottles that need to be cleaned not so much… I remember vividly the broken nights and endless pumping and bottle cleaning we did when our twins were small, in all honestly it is a miracle we made it through without going crazy! Luckily this time around Boon Inc. is here to offer a welcome helping hand in the cleaning department:

We’ve come to know stylish label Boon Inc. for its colourful range of practical, nifty and super trendy baby products and Suds is definitely a game changer, watch the video and see for yourself!

Boon SudsIf you like the sound of less work and more play (or sleep!) you are sure to love the clever new Suds Bottle Washer (RRP $19.95), a handy kitchen gadget designed to take the hassle out of cleaning your baby bottles, toddler cups and even your own (wine) glasses. Doing the washing up is as simple as placing your bottle on the pump and pressing it down, now watch the water jets and spinning, scrubbing bristles do the hard work for you. Thanks to the flexible bristles Suds is suitable for most baby bottles.

The base of the Suds keeps the soapy water neatly contained, but just in case a drop or two splashes out of the bowl you can conveniently sit Suds in your kitchen (or bathroom) sink. Like all Boon Inc. products this new addition to the range is free from nasties like BPA, PVC and Phthalate and you can simply pop your Suds in the dishwasher (top-rack only) for a thorough clean. Priced at less than $20 this Boon Inc. creation is a small investment that will save you a bucket load of precious time.

You can find your favourite Boon Inc. products at Baby Bunting, Toys ‘R’ Us, Bubs Baby Shop and Baby Village.

To find out more about Boon Inc. and to browse the range visit www.booninc.com.

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