Apr 052015

Body Image Movement

‘Celebrity X back in bikini 6 weeks after giving birth, ‘How to get your pre-baby body back in no-time’, ‘Can you believe this women is 8 months pregnant’… Like most mothers I have fallen for these photos and articles in gossip magazines too and found myself feeling miserable and ugly afterwards. As a mother of four (including twins) I have come to realise that everything is different ‘after baby’ and no matter how much weight I lost or exercised, my body will not go back to how it was before. I can now say I am OK with that but I won’t say it is always easy to accept and I still struggle with it sometimes.

Taryn BrumfittLast year I was lucky enough to listen to the inspirational Taryn Brumfitt, creator of the Body Image Movement. What an amazing woman and such an incredible message! Once on a mission to get the perfect body herself, and even contemplating plastic surgery, she is now determined to change the way we see, treat and value our body. Millions of others were inspired by her too including Ashton Kutcher, Zooey Deschanel, Ricki Lake and many other big Hollywood stars who have shown their support for Taryn’s work.

What I love about Taryn Brumfitt is that she is real mum like you and I, complete with embarrassing blunders, feelings of incompetence and lack of confidence the way many of us feel all time. She is honest, open and warm and I wish every mother could hear her speak as it will change the way you think about yourself and others in such a beautiful way.

Embrace by Taryn BrumfittProviding an important message for all, Taryn’s book Embrace (RRP $26.99) raises important questions about the pressures society puts on women to conform to a certain body shape, and asks what we can do to prevent this having a negative effect on the next generation. Embrace offers a warm, frank and funny account of Taryn’s journey from self-loathing to being a free-thinking exponent on the value and power of a positive body image.

Taryn Brumfitt: “Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve the perfect body, it comes from embracing the one you’ve already got”

To find out more about Taryn Brumfitt or the Body Image Movement and to order a signed copy of Embrace online visit www.bodyimagemovement.com.au.

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