Apr 032015

Buckle Me Up

While it does make me a tad sad that our kids are growing up so quickly, I have to admit it is also quite nice when they can start doing little things themselves. My days of strapping four kids into car seats are over as the twins have moved into full booster seats, using the car seatbelt to buckle up. The only problem with independent kids who can buckle themselves up is that they can unbuckle themselves too and not always at the right time…

‘Don’t unbuckle until the car has stopped and mummy says you can!’, I am sure I am not the only mum who says this all the time. Still, on quite a few occasions I have had to turn around when driving to tell them off and make sure those buckles are done up safely. Whether kids are impatient to get out, went to retrieve something they dropped on the floor or simply forgot to buckle up, it can be very dangerous and your child’s life may be at risk.

Some scary facts:

  • 20% of all kids in car crashes were NOT wearing a seat belt
  • Every year 80 children die and another 3,000 are left with serious injuries
  • Drivers and passenger travelling unrestrained are at least 10 times more likely to be killed in a road crash than those wearing a seat belt
  • More children are seriously injured as passengers in cars than as pedestrians

The patented buckle me up wireless seatbelt safety system uses sound and light to alert the driver of the car when the seatbelt of a back seat passenger is not done up or if the back seat passenger unbuckles when driving. It’s a fantastic safety device for young families and will help you keep track of your child’s safety even when he/she is sitting out of your eye sight. Not only does buckle me up keep your child safe, it also reduces the need for the parent to turn around so it keeps you safe too!

buckle me up

Designed, made and tested right here in Australia the buckle me up system is super quick to install and is compatible with most makes of car. It’s as easy as attaching the dash mounted unit to your dashboard or windscreen and sticking the seatbelt cartridge to your child’s seatbelt buckle, anyone can do it. Before you drive off simply use the dash mounted unit to confirm how many buckle me up seatbelts are in use during the trip, after that any changes to the buckles will result in audible beeps and flashing lights so you can take action before an accident happens.

buckle me up

The standard buckle me up kit (RRP $189) consists of a dash mounted unit (which can be charged using the included USB car charger) and two seatbelt cartridges. Additional seatbelt cartridges (RRP $39.95) can be purchased separately if required. Shipping is FREE Australia wide.

To find out more about buckle me up, to take a closer look at how it works and to order online visit www.bucklemeup.com.

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