Apr 062015


With four young children to get ready our mornings are generally a crazy rush. Making breakfast (often different types to please everyone), packing lunches, dressing kids, changing nappies, braiding hair, last-minute homework and presentation checks, doing up shoe laces… there is lots to do and very little time to do it in. Quite often I end up walking out the door without having had breakfast myself which is obviously not very healthy. A few weeks ago things changed and I have been having breakfast with George most mornings.

George Foreman Mix & Go

‘George? Who is George?’ I hear you wonder. Don’t worry, I haven’t swapped my wonderful hubby for a new man. I am talking about the clever Mix & Go by George Foreman. ‘Breakfast with George’ is easy, quick, healthy, convenient and versatile, just the way I like it!

Mix & Go SmoothieThe Mix & Go (RRP $39.95, 300W) is a compact personal blender that allows you to create yummy smoothies at home in a matter of minutes. It’s the perfect kitchen gadget for busy people on-the-go as it blends single serve drinks directly into a 600ml, travel size drink bottle. Just grab a Mix & Go bottle, add your favourite ingredients and screw on the Mix & Go top with ice-crushing blades, pop this on the Mix & Go base and within no time your drink is made to perfection.

Milk, yoghurt, fresh fruit, juice, frozen berries, ice cubes, breakfast sprinkle… the Mix & Go enables you to create a drink that suits your needs, preferences and mood perfectly and as they are single serves you can make something different for everyone, after all not everyone likes the same things. Not unimportant, using the Mix & Go is also much more budget friendly than buying a smoothie at the shops and you know exactly what goes in your drink!

Mix & Go BottlesThere is no need to tip your drink over into another container, glass or bottle, just replace the Mix & Go blades by the Mix & Go bottle lid and you can run straight out the door with your fresh, healthy breakfast in hand. The Mix & Go comes complete with two 600ml, BPA free, dishwasher safe drink bottles. Additional Mix & Go Drink Bottles (RRP $9.95 each) are available in a range of fruity colours, so every family member can have his/her own personal Mix & Go bottle.

To find out more George Foreman, to browse the range and to discover delicious recipes online visit www.georgeforeman.com.au.

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