Apr 122015

Graeme Base

Last year I introduced you to Graeme Base‘s Little Bug Books, a gorgeous board book range for very young readers. The lovely fold-out books feature Graeme’s signature animal art and introduces children to different animals, the places they live, the sounds they make and they way the get around. If you loved the first four books you’ll be pleased to know that Little Bug Books just welcomed two new titles to the fold:

LBB A Herd of ElephantsOne pigeon, a flock of pigeons. One bee, a swarm of bees. But what do you call a group of whales or camels, geese or emus? Kids will love folding out the pages and learning all about animal groups in A Herd of Elephants (RRP $9.99), and as English is not my native language I learnt a thing or two as well. Don’t forget to put your detective hat on and locate the little bug on each of the pages.

LBB Starfish Are PointyWhere many other children’s books talk about the colours of different animals Starfish Are Pointy (RRP $9.99) takes a closer look at their shapes, textures and sizes, an interesting new way to look at members of the animals world. Ladybirds are round, toads are lumpy, stingrays are flat… this sweet book enriches children’s vocabulary and teaches them new words to describe what they see and feel.

To find out more about Little Bug Books by Graeme Base, to take a virtual look inside the books and to order online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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