Mar 022015

As a Dutch girl living in Australia I very much enjoy the opportunity to speak Dutch, eat Dutch foods and enjoy some typically Dutch entertainment, it reminds me of my childhood. When I heard our favourite holiday park Halls Gap Lakeside was organising a Big Daussie Campout I knew we had to go so this weekend we escaped for a few days of Dutch delight.

Origami Stars

Now, a trip away with four kids is quite the undertaking and when you’re staying with a big family in a 2-bedroom cabin you have to come prepared with some little distractions to keep the kids happy and avoid big meltdowns. Ever since discovering the Paper Planes book and movie our three oldest kids have been obsessed by folding paper so I surprised them with a big Origami feast this weekend, we had so much fun.

Origami PaperI’ll admit that it took a bit of preparation from my side: I had to bring plenty of paper stock and some Origami books and of course I had to master some easy styles myself so I could teach them. I discovered that Origami paper is surprisingly expensive so I ended up buying in bulk on eBay, with four kids we go through craft supplies so fast that it really pays off getting a big stash in one go and I scored free courier delivery.

Easy OrigamiI picked up this Easy Origami book at the Book Depository for just $5.49 with free shipping worldwide. It contains over 30 simple origami projects that are perfect for young children, nothing too fancy and quite quick too. I also ordered the more tricky Favorite Animals in Origami ($7.74) but I think we might have to leave that one for a while as these projects are definitely a bit too difficult for my bunch (good fun for me though!)

YouTube is obviously another fantastic resource for Origami tutorials, they’re free to watch and you can replay them over and over until you ‘get’ it. These are the two videos we used on the weekend and we ended up with lots of lots of gorgeous origami stars and butterflies, it’s rather addictive.

All this folding, turning and tucking was a great boredom buster, an excellent fine motor skills exercise and a fantastic way to practise following instructions and reading manuals.

If you have discovered a fun origami project too please do share, we’d love to try it!

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