Mar 242015

Canvas Factory

A few weeks ago miss 4 was asked to bring a photo album of her family along to kindy to share with her class. She has 3 siblings, we have pets, we go on exciting holidays and fun outings, there really is plenty to talk about. The problem was that we did not have any (absolutely none!) photos printed of any of these special people or memories.

Canvas Collage Canvas Factory

This day and age it is easier than ever to take photos and most of us have a huge digital photo collection, yet when was the last time you actually chose some of your favourite snaps to print or display on your living room wall? Last week it took me all of five minutes to select some photos of our family and create this lovely Canvas Factory canvas collage, so much quicker and easier than I thought!

Canvas Collage Family

The Canvas Factory website is super easy to navigate and you can put together your unique canvas in just a few clicks. Simply choose the canvas size and design that suits your taste and decor, then drop in your chosen pictures and resize or zoom where needed and you’re done! You can even import your best snaps directly from your social media accounts, very handy if you are a Facebook or Instagram fan.

For a limited time only save a massive 75% storewide at Canvas Factory, an offer like this won’t last so dig up your favourite photos and create you own unique piece of art today.

If you’re an impatient person like me you’ll be pleased to know that orders are delivered in just 5-10 business days, my order took 6 business days to arrive and we popped it on the wall straight away. I think it looks absolutely lovely and at just $27.20 (in the current sale) it is a real bargain for something so unique and personal. With Mother’s Day coming up in May this would be a fantastic gift idea for yourself or grandma.

Canvas Factory Photo Collage

To find out more about Canvas Factory, to browse the options and to order your own canvas online visit, delivery is $14.95 Australia wide and orders over $100 ship FREE.

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  11 Responses to “Canvas Factory giveaway”

  1. Thankyou for this wonderful chance…. This would be amazing – Id love this for me in my loungeroom. my family are my everything. Best Present ever! <3 thankyou

  2. One of these would look just gorgeous on our wall, filled with pictures of our 5 kids!!

  3. This would be so cool, doing up a family tree and would load it with old family photos so they are not forgotten!

  4. The prints are are all spectacular. I was hard to make a choice. The reflective sunset on the water won my heart.

  5. This are amazing and i can’t believe the prizes – love to see them up close

  6. This would mean so much to me as I sm divorced now & would
    love to have a pic of all my children & gr/children together as I
    dont have one or for that fact many pics of them at all

  7. Memories are so special. The Canvas Factory has created such a beautiful way to express your love and memories on canvas.

  8. Memories are meant to last, the special and the hard. The Young and the old we’ve all shared them all know it’s time to put up on the wall. Near and dear It’s all here to last about all year.

  9. These are just beautiful and a great way so show all my photos.

  10. What a great idea these canvas collages are.

  11. With eight cousins in the family the “Traditional 8” is ideal!

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