Feb 102015

Last month one of my Dutch family members welcomed a gorgeous baby girl so, even though we are oceans away, we lovingly picked out a little something for her. I love giving gifts and I always try to think of something typically Australian when it comes to my Dutch family and friends. One of my go-to brands when it comes to new baby gifts is O.B.Designs:

O.B.Designs Koala

Designed right here in Australia by two talented ladies the gorgeous O.B.Designs range of kids’ gifts and toys ticks all the boxes: it’s unique, quirky and fun and of course very Aussie!

Kev Koala StufitLooking for a real Aussie buddy to accompany you on your next big adventure (or maybe just a trip to grandma)? Look no further, Kev Koala is your man. This adorable Kev Koala Stufit may have a big mouth but he is not loud at all, this soft and cuddly mate holds all your little treasures safely zipped inside and with the handy shoulder strap you can carry him around wherever you go.

To find out more about O.B.Designs, to browse the range and to order online go to www.obdesigns.net or visit one of the many O.B.Designs stockists Australia wide.

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  9 Responses to “O.B.Designs giveaway”

  1. So absolutely Snuggable – i have the perfect little Koala who would love KEV

  2. All my other little snugglies would come to life and fight over his attention. ..

  3. Sister, brother-in-law & family leave for Spain soon on B-in-L’s a 6 month job contract. My little nephew would delight in having Aussie Kev. Koala to cuddle and introduce him to new Spanish playmates.

  4. My friend whom I met 22years ago on a plane, she lives in America

  5. My friend whom I met 22years ago on a plane, she lives in America

  6. It would be nice to have a cute little furry friend to carry along with us on outings and store small goodies in it’s zipper pouch. 🙂

  7. My snugly little 6 month old would love a little Kev to snuggle to sleep.

  8. I would save Kev the Koala for bubs due in May, something different .

  9. My granddaugther would love and wouldnt part with it

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