Feb 242015

After the huge success of the original Calypso satchel in the classic moonbeam and black colour ways the gr8x team decided to add a pop of colour to this top selling baby bag this season. Brighten up your grey and rainy winter with the brand new Calypso Satchel in beautiful turquoise:

Calypso Raffle

‘Calypso Satchel’ by gr8x

The spacious Calypso Satchel (RRP $139.95) is a gorgeous baby bag with a convenient double zip around top flap, allowing you to easily see inside and find what you are looking for. No more endless feeling around in the dark hoping to dig up the item you need, we don’t have time for that! Two zipped front pockets will you keep your car keys, phone or lipgloss safe and within hand’s reach.

Made from soft PU leather and with an adjustable shoulder strap the Calypso is comfortable to wear, even when it’s filled with lots of baby supplies. On the inside you’ll find a soft, padded change mat for hygienic nappy changes on the go and an insulated bottle holder to keep your baby’s drinks at the right temperature when out and about. I love the handy wipe-clean lining, after all life with a baby is full of sticky messes, grubby fingers and unexpected spills.

This stylish new Calypso bag is due to arrive on our shores any day and we are giving one away, enter our giveaway below for your chance to win.

To find out more about gr8x, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.gr8x.net.

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  28 Responses to “gr8x giveaway”

  1. More pockets the better to keep my life and brain organised, neat and ready to go at a moments notice.

  2. Looks gorgeous plus all those pockets may,yes,may lol,be able to keep me more organised! 🙂

  3. Absolutely everything and need new bag for my birthday thxs

  4. It is chance for any mum to be not just organised but also be fashionable and feel confident and comfortable.

  5. grest size & looks great ,be very handy

  6. Still adjusting to the weaning process with all the bottles, paraphernalia needed so the quality, zipped insulated bottle traveller in the CALYPSO gr8x bag would be practically perfect when out and about.

  7. the great double zip around the top flap

  8. The leather(a big plus),the adjustable strap(essential),many pockets are always nice,wipe clean lining(another big plus) and the aesthetic is great also.Nice compilation

  9. Fabulous bag. So versatile in everyway

  10. Easy to open wide

  11. Lovely bag,and the colour is beautiful.

  12. Lovely bag,and the colour is beautiful. Lots of pockets…

  13. Don’t be a turkey – go with the turquoise calypso this autumn.

  14. I love that it’s compact but still has enough room for EVERYTHING that needs to fit. So practical.

  15. I love the design with its many pockets. One for each time instead of having to rummaging amongst three or four things in one pocket would be a huge bonus and save so much embarrassment having to search for keys, phone, and various items of baby gear etc.

  16. I wish to win this page .because I have tow kids and I used the bus I like to use one bag not carry three bags for my toolder and the infant with my hand bag when I bush the pram . plus the look very nice. One thing my by needed anther zip pocket money from bihend that you will be lovely.

  17. Zipped up outside front pockets appeal to me.

  18. Stylish and practical
    I love the innovative design, looks very easy to use.
    A baby bag that doesn’t look like a baby bag,
    Genius ☺☺☺

  19. I’m always loosing my keys in my bag. With the Calypso Satchels zipped front pockets I would never need to juggle bubs and hunt for my keys! Not to mention the colour is fantastic!

  20. A versatile and nice looking bag. Love all the compartments!

  21. Love the colour, love the style. Very practical, the best by a mile.

  22. Love the side pockets for storing my mobile and keys – that will make life so much easier when trying to find them.

  23. Really love the colour, lots of pockets to put all my stuff isso good, be able to find everything so easily, instead of having to pull everything out to find one thing.

  24. place for everything and everything will be in place

  25. Lots of handy pockets to safely keep all the little things we carry around, and allow easy access!

  26. The elegance of this bag will make me a stand out mum among the crowd! The many pockets that I can use to put all of my baby’s itsy bitsy things without me worrying too much .

  27. Just what I need, somewhere to put my phone, keys, pens, tissues etc, love the colour

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