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As you may remember a few months ago I told you how Lightning’s Euca gets your laundry clean the natural way. Well the experts at Lightning do more than clean dirty washing, they clean and care for your skin too using some of nature’s best cleaning supplies like eucalyptus, calendula oil and tea tree oil:

Fresh Hand CleanerPulling out weeds, planting vegetables, digging up dirt, cleaning the gutters, scrubbing the barbecue, servicing the car… it’s the season for dirty jobs outside and while they have to be done no one likes to be left with grubby hands afterwards. Fresh Hand Cleaner (RRP $8.95, 500ml) contains pure eucalyptus oil and fine pumice, known for their natural penetrating and emulsifying properties, to get rid of sticky, stinky diesel, grease, oil, ink, sap and much more. This fragrant cleaner has a grainy texture that helps dissolve soils and can even be used without water.

Lightning BarrierIf you, like me, have a loved one who works with greasy tools you have probably noticed that some horrible messes just won’t get off your hands, no matter how many times you wash them. Rubbing some of the handy New Age Barrier Cream (RRP $11.95, 500ml) on your hands and arms before you head into the workshop stops nasties from sticking to your hands and getting into your skin. It’s a simple prevention that will save you lots of scrubbing when your shift is done.

Lightning ReviveWe’ve put one of these New Age Revive Skin Conditioner (RRP $9.95, 500ml) pump flacons in a convenient location in our home so we always have a dollop of soothing cream on hand, perfect for when hubby’s psoriasis plays up, your skin has seen a bit too much sun (that happens easily this time of year), little scratches, small grazes or dry patches. Containing both calendula oil and tea tree oil it is a rehydrating, calming cream for the whole family without yucky synthetic perfumes.

To find out more about Lightning, to browse the range and to order online visit www.lightningcleans.com.au, for a limited time shipping is free Australia wide.

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  1. I would love to try the fresh hand cleaner, as we use alot of hand cleaner in this house and natural would be fantastic

  2. Would love using this prize.

  3. My hands could definitely use this prize.

  4. Yes please would love to try this amazing product

  5. Itchy scratchy red and sore would love to try these Lightning products on my tired old pores!

  6. The revive skin conditioner, it sounds just perfect for my dry skin.

  7. All the products sound great but i would love to try the Laundry Liquid. Gentle on the clothes, Gentle on the Skin. Perfect for my Daughter who gets Ezcema

  8. Skin conditioner. My skin has never been the same after pregnancy and i need this conditioner to save my skin

  9. As climate change and chemicals polluted in environment, I am support natural products for household cleaning products and skincare products. It is wonderful ideas.

  10. Fresh hand cleaner for my husband please 🙂

  11. The Skin Revive conditioner is just what I need. My skin’s getting dryer as I age and my love of gardening keeps my hands looking well worn and rough.

  12. The fresh hand cleaner sounds perfect for keeping the germs at bay in my house as I’m currently having chemotherapy treatment.

  13. Will love to try this product and tell all my family and friends about it.

  14. My hands would benefit from the Fresh Hand Cleaner – I always forget to use gloves for those mucky jobs.

  15. Always on the hunt for new cleaning products, supermarket brands just never seem quite satisfactory!

  16. Thank you for another great competition.

  17. Would come in very handy in our household thanks.

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