Jan 102015

If ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ is your motto for 2015 you will love today’s giveaway from our lovely friends at gr8x. Most women won’t leave the house without their favourite bag, it holds all your important goodies (and generally a lot of not-so-important items too) and while it may look fabulous on the outside the inside is often a gigantic mess. Time to tip your bag upside down, work out what stays and goes and move the must-haves over to this stylish new Bianca Satchel:

Bianca Satchel

Featuring an eye-catching faux buffalo leather exterior the Bianca Satchel (RRP $179.95) is going to have all the mums talking, it looks really trendy and nothing like a boring baby bag at all!

Not only does the Bianca look awesome, it’s a super practical design too with a handy dual zip that allows you to open your spacious nappy bag nice and wide to help you easily find what you are looking for. Inside you can count on a selection of practical pockets to keep your belongings organised and within hand’s reach. The Bianca is said to be sporting the new gr8x signature lining, I can’t wait to see what they have been working on!

This lovely baby bag can be carried by the handles or worn over the shoulder using the included adjustable, removable shoulder strap. To make sure your bag will look like new for as long as possible it is fitted with protective feet to prevent the bag from touching the ground when you put it down.

The much anticipated, and very beautiful, Bianca Satchel is due to arrive in Australia next month so if you are the lucky winner of this gorgeous new gr8x design you’ll be one of the first Aussie mums to get your hands on one. Good luck!

To find out more about gr8x, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.gr8x.net.

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  38 Responses to “gr8x giveaway”

  1. Gorgeous bag.

  2. It is a Gr8 bag. 🙂

  3. I would love a bag like this to take to work so everything would fit in it

  4. Great Bag.

  5. Bianca is a hip little bag and will be gr8 on my arm

  6. I’d love to see it in red because I’m passionate about bags as an accessory!

  7. Gorgeous bag! Can I get it in pink?

  8. Great bag, functional and gorgeous :-).

  9. Nice bag

  10. The air hostie told us we could not bring the old bag on board. Said she had been with me 17 years. Our wedding anniversary trip.

  11. I would love one in red please

  12. For the wifey, a sexy handbag like that needs a sexy owner..

  13. Fantastic looking bag. Loving the faux buffalo look and comes with plenty of packets inside.

  14. great looking bag. loving the faux buffalo leather exterior and heaps of pockets.

  15. This bag is stunning, I have personally never owned a brand new bag, they always come from the op shop pre-loved places. I’m near age 60 and deserve this new look.

  16. I think the Bianca Satchel bag would look gr8 in a dark Burgundy colour.

  17. Great Bag that can be utilised in many ways and certainly would be able to fit all the essentials you need without having to jam everything in.

  18. Great name!

  19. Great bag, great name,

  20. Great bag, functional and gorgeous :-).

    (re-posted as I think I accidentally supplied old e-mail address in original comment :-0 )

  21. Bianca is my new GR8X friend – She looks hot in her black faux leather and she is uber organised – We will be BFF’s Forever 😀

  22. Wow! What a sensational bag to finally fit in all of life’s necessities. This would make for a glamorous but sensible take-anywhere and work bag! I really, really would love one!

  23. gorgeous bag, but it would also look awesome in a steel grey, I’d love one please!

  24. Would love this new bag ready for my new start this year!!! yay!!

  25. What a Gr8 idea, surprise the wife with something that all women covet- a decent practical and stylish handbag!

  26. A Beauty is this Bianca Satchel which would look Amazing hanging from my shoulder while I’m on my cruise in 20 days 😀 Thanks for the chance xx

  27. I would be happy with any colour stunning

  28. With kids around I can never find a bag big enough.

  29. That is the hottest nappy bag I have ever seen!

  30. It would be stunning in purple.

  31. This is so cute! Good luck everyone!

  32. I would love to see this bag in the color purple as it is my favourite color.

  33. Bright red would also look fab in this bag, I very much like the shape of it.

  34. Dusty pink

  35. I love the simplicity of the black bag! One that caters for a baby and a toddlers needs while still looking like a handbag!

  36. This bag id so awesome, my style completely ❤

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