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Christmas Countdown – Day 8

Is your child’s Santa Sack filled with noisy, plastic, battery operated toys that are lucky to survive until the end of the holidays? Make sure to also include some classic, high quality presents that will pass the test of time and will become a keepsake for the future like these gorgeous gifts from The Little Haven:

Moover Toys

The beautiful wooden delights by Danish designer label Moover Toys are a very welcome change from what you see in most toy catalogues. Made from strong, high quality timber and plywood they are built to last and played with for years to come.

Moover Mini Dolls PramHow gorgeous is this Moover Mini Dolls Pram (RRP $69.95, available in red or neutral)? It’s the perfect size for little dolls and teddies and compact enough to take with you on holidays and visits to grandma. I just love the soft, rounded shapes making it safe to use for young doll mothers and teddy bear babysitters. Don’t worry, the solid timber wheels with rubber tyres are gentle (and quiet) on your floors.

Moover PuzzleIf you are looking for a lovely developmental toy that is fun, sturdy and full of old-school charm you will no doubt love the Moover Puzzles ($29.95). Available in a boys (with truck) or girls (with rocking horse) design these sweet puzzles will help small hands practise their fine motor skills as they find the right spot for each puzzle piece. With just 8 pieces they are a great first puzzle for a special little person.

To find out more about The Little Haven, to browse the range and to order online visit

For your chance to win a Red Moover Mini Dolls Pram from The Little Haven enter our giveaway below:

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  1. My first answer was meant to be an Adventure Passport, so sorry. Thanks so much for this Competition.

  2. Skip, Hop – Funny Face Mirror…
    I love watching baby’s surprise when they see their own face!

  3. thank you

  4. This cute little Moover Mini Dolls Pram would become my granddaughters favorite toy!!

  5. How cute are these prams, for our new grand niece due in March, that would be magic

  6. These are darling

  7. My granddaughter would love this pram and how hardwearing, sturdy and colourful is this. I love wooden toys they are so well made and long lasting

  8. Absolutely gorgeous and giving hours of fun and play making

  9. Our young miss would love the pram and also the rocking horse puzzle… She’s ‘horsey’ crazy at the moment!

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