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Christmas Countdown – Day 11

As special and wonderful as the Christmas season is, for the environment it is usually far from pleasant with big mountains of waste going to landfill. This December you can make a difference by making greener choices for your family, Kidsberry has some fantastic gift suggestions that are gentle for your child and the world we live in:

Mother's Corn Bubbles SetThe Mother’s Corn Bubbles Set (RRP $20) consists of an innovative blowing tool, a 200ml bottle of bubble liquid and a special tray for your bubble liquid. The funky looking blowing tool and tray are made from corn starch and are non-toxic, antibacterial, biodegradable, BPA free and contain no environmental hormones, carcinogens and heavy metals. Now surely it can’t get much safer than that?

Mother's Corn Bubbles PNGThe unique Mother’s Corn bubble liquid is made of natural cellulose extracted from trees, which is generally used for medical or food additives in ice cream or bread so there is no need to worry about nasty chemicals. Even better, the blowing tool is specifically designed to prevent a backflow of liquid, making sure the bubbles only go away from and not into your child’s mouth.

Mother's Corn Smart Toddler SetIf your little one is just starting to self-feed look no further than the biodegradable Mother’s Corn Smart Toddler Set (RRP $32), made from corn this handy mealtime set is non-toxic and eco friendly so there will be no nasties making their way into your child’s food. The 4-piece set consists of a divided plate, a self training cup with handle and self training spoon and fork, all pieces are strong, microwave safe and durable so they can be enjoyed for years.

To find out more about Kidsberry, to browse the range and to order online visit

For your chance to win 1 of 3 Mother’s Corn Prize Packs containing a Mother’s Corn Bubbles Set (RRP $20) and Smart Toddler Set (RRP $32) from Kidsberry enter our giveaway below:

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  1. i love it hope we win

  2. Awesome prizes thankyou for the amazing chance and happy christmas

  3. It reckon the Kitchen Smart Ecotainers are a great innovation.
    So easy to clean after use.

  4. What a great healthy present for my grandchild!

  5. Would love to win this for my little 16 month old girl!

  6. Could defiantly use this in my house with 6 grandchildren

  7. Mother’s Corn Kitchen Silicone Freezer Cubes I love teh lids so frozen items aren’t contaminated by other freezer foods

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