Nov 142014

Coles Big Nappy Change

Have you tried the new Coles Little Explorer nappies yet? We recently took the 5-day Big Nappy Challenge and gave them the thumbs up. The great 3-Way Active Fit, reliable seals (no leaks during our test period) and permanent affordable pricing make Coles Little Explorer disposable nappies a fantastic nappy choice and I will purchase them with confidence.

To read my complete review visit Bub Hub In the Spotlight

Make sure you click through to the Coles Little Explorer website to win a 1-year supply of nappies, what an amazing win that would be!

Coles Little Explorer front

  One Response to “The Big Nappy Change Challenge”

  1. We love using Coles little explorers nappies because I can put my children to bed wearing them, knowing that in the morning my children will still be comfortable and dry!! Compared to other nappy brands, the unique side leak guards are perfect for the child who’s on the go!!

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