Oct 072014

Little Live Pets

Every term the twins’ school teacher comes up with a fun class project and term 3 was all about chickens. The little students impatiently waited for the eggs to hatch, watched the baby chicks grow day after day and managed to pat and cuddle them without squeezing them to death, they loved every bit of it. The twins have been begging me to do the chick-sitting these school holidays (a new take on the class teddy!) but sadly with a cat and an 18-month old in the house I didn’t dare to host the chirping bunch.

Little Live Pets Bird

You can imagine the kids’ excitement when I introduced them to their very own Little Live Pets, I don’t think their holiday could have gotten any better! No need for feeding or cleaning, no expensive vet bills or walking them in the rain, no nasty scratches or yucky fleas and quiet when they need to be, Little Live Pets really are the perfect pet.

Little Live Pets Bird CageBeing the closest to a feathered chicken Miss 6 immediately picked the Little Live Pets Bird Cage (RRP $24.95, ages 5+) with a green toy budgie called Friendly Frankie. It fits in the palm of her hand, feels velvety soft, opens its little beak and, most importantly, tweets and sings like a real bird. Like a proper pet the Little Live Pets Bird loves spending time with its owner and the more you pat it, hold it and play with the happier it becomes, rewarding you with happy sounds and even songs.

On the weekend the girls took their Little Live Pets for a picnic in our garden and clearly the bird loved all the attention as there was plenty of chirping, in fact even our two local ducks and a couple of galahs flew in to have a look (I know, it’s like a zoo here sometimes!). The kids had lots of fun recording their own voices and hearing the birdie repeat what they said, ‘G’day matey’ is the favourite so far. Don’t worry, you can turn the bird off with one simple button for a good night’s rest and batteries (3AA) can be replaced so you can enjoy your new friend for ages.

Little Live Pets

You can also buy a single Little Live Pets Bird (RRP $12.95) which can be played with independently or added to an existing Bird Cage to make a pair, they are perfect for siblings to share and look really cute together. The birds are available in a range of colours to suit boys and girls.

Little Live Pets ButterflyIf you have a girly girl who loves everything pink, purple, glittery and sparkly this pretty Little Live Pets Butterfly House (RRP $24.95, ages 5+) is sure to be a big hit. The beautiful oversized butterfly can flutter its wings and sits on your hand without flying away, our 4-year old fairy was rather intrigued by this magical creature. Although it doesn’t talk or sing like the Little Live Bird the butterfly makes very clear that she enjoys a play too by flapping her colourful wings.

Aside from being an ideal home for your very own butterfly the gorgeous Butterfly House is also its charging station (3AA required), you can provide your pet with all the energy it needs by placing it on the feeding flower inside the Butterfly House. The single Little Live Pets Butterfly (RRP $12.95) comes with its own separate butterfly charger and is available in 6 different designs.

Little Live Pets Butterfly

As we all know the wings of a butterfly are rather delicate so if your child is a bit younger or not very gentle the Little Live Pets Bird would be a safer choice, after all no parent likes to explain the death of a pet. Both Little Live Pets are really lovely and the kids play with both but the pet bird is definitely the favourite of the family. The $12.95 price tag for the single pets is (surprisingly) affordable and kids will get lots of play out of it, with Christmas in mind a Little Live Pet would make a fantastic gift that won’t break the bank.

To find out more about Little Live Pets by Moose Toys, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.mooseworld.com.au.

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