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Last Sunday we took the kids for their first swimming lesson, quite an adventures when you have four children! With swimming season now in full swing we decided not to wait any longer and make sure our children are safe and confident in and around water, something that’s very important in Australia where everyone loves spending time in the water.

This year Australian icons The Wiggles and four-time Olympic gold medalist Libby Trickett have teamed up with SwimFin Australia to spread the water safety message amongst Aussie kids and what better way to get little people’s attention than with a catchy Wiggles song?

SwimFin RedSwimFin (RRP $39.95) is a unique, self-adjusting swimming aid that is set to change the way Aussie kids learn to swim. It looks awesome, gives kids confidence and is suitable for all ages (2+), abilities and strokes. Unlike many other floating devices the SwimFin does not impact on arm and leg movement so you can practise your swimming skills properly whilst feeling safe and supported knowing SwimFin has got your back.

SwimFin is available in 7 great colours to suit both boys and girls, this means all your children could stand out with a different colour (unless you’ve got a real big family of course!). This fantastic design is currently being sold in more than 80 countries worldwide and there are already over 300,000 SwimFins cruising pools, lakes, rivers and oceans, that’s a lots of colourful fins sticking out of the water!

SwimFin Blue

To find out more about SwimFin, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.swimfin.com.au, free shipping Australia wide for orders over $75.

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Oct 302014


When you are a mum your days are busy from the moment you get up in the morning until the moment you hop back in bed and if, like us, you have a terrible sleeper on your hands you get even less rest. I absolutely adore our little Sybbie but it is important for all of us that she gets some sleep so her daytime naps are holy in this house. If Sybil is asleep everyone has to sit as still as possible, tiptoe and whisper which is when a quiet craft activity like Beados really comes in handy:

Beados Olivia

A few weeks ago I sat down at the kitchen table with our two oldest girls (6 years and 4 years old) and introduced them to Beados. They always enjoy a good creative project with beautiful colours and lots of fiddly hand actions so I knew they would love it and they definitely did. The Beados (ages 4+) concept is both simple and intriguing at the same time and it requires a lot of concentration so it keeps kids busy for ages!

Beados Juliet

So how does it work? You use the Beados tweezer pen and a selection of small coloured beads (Beados) to create a picture on a special Beados tray, then you spray your design with water and the Beados magically join together. As there is no heat or glue involved it’s a safe and mess free activity for children (except for a few loose beads here and there), fun for kids and stress free for mum.

Beados World

Once your Beados design is dry you can pick it up, touch it and play with your very own Beados toy. For extended play there are several accessories available like a Beados Play Pad and Dual Scene Card (to create a home for your toy), display stands (so your Beados toy can stand upright independently) and suction caps (to attach your Beados creation to a window, fridge or cupboard). There are multiple play pads and scenes to collect and you can connect the play pads to each other using a bridge building your very own Beados world.

Beados Activity PackWhether you’re only just discovering Beados or are a big Beados fan who wants to add to your collection, the Beados product range has a perfect pack to suit everyone. We started with the Beados Activity Pack which contains a good selection of beads, all your basic tools (the Beados tray, Beados tweezer pen, Beados design templates and water bottle) and a whole heap of extras for even more Beados fun.

To speed up the drying process we used the special Beados Quick Dry Design Station, this drastically cuts down the drying time so kids can play with their creation sooner and of course it looks very impressive too (I know I would have loved to get this awesome kit when I was a little girl). The Beados Quick Dry Design Station really is the ultimate kit for Beados lovers as aside from the drying unit (battery operated) it contains all the tools and extras you could wish for and a huge 500 Beados beads in a rainbow of colours. By using two sets at the same time we had two lots of tools so the girls were able to work along side each other as opposed to wait their turn, after all being patient is hard when you’re only four.

Beados Quick Dry Station

At first our son (6 years old) wasn’t very interested in Beados but when he realised how much fun his sisters were having he jumped in too and he really enjoyed it so it is definitely not an activity that’s for girls only. Often boys avoid craft activities but they’re an excellent tool for practising fine motor skills (using the Beados tweezer pen is very similar to writing with a pencil or pen) and colour recognition, add to that the fact that they can make their own designs and you can see why Beados is fun for all.

Beados Tommie

To find out more about Beados by Moose Toys, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.mooseworld.com.au, prices start at RRP $9.99.

Sales & Savings – Week 44

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Oct 292014

Green Ant ToysGreen Ant Toys
What? 10% off storewide
How? Enter the code ‘XMAS’ at checkout
When? Until October 31, 2014
Where? www.greenanttoys.com.au

Mini NationMini Nation
What? 20% off storewide (Excluding toys)
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When? Until October 29, 2014
Where? www.minination.com.au

LBT Kids FashionLBT Kids Fashion
What? Closing Down Sale
How? Prices as marked
When? Until October 31, 2014
Where? www.lbtkids.com.au

Baby DonkieBaby Donkie
What? 20% off storewide (Excluding Quinn and Fox)
How? Enter the code ‘BIRTHDAY’ at checkout
When? Until October 31, 2014
Where? www.babydonkie.com.au

The Infant BoutiqueThe Infant Boutique
What? 10-15% off Ergobaby carriers and wraps
How? Prices as marked
When? Until October 31, 2014
Where? www.theinfantboutique.com.au

What? Free shipping Australia wide on all MAM products
How? Discount will be automatically applied at checkout
When? Until October 31, 2014
Where? www.babynest.com.au

Oct 282014

Edible Education

There is no denying it any longer, many Australian adults are overweight due to an inactive lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. Sadly as a result of this many children grow up with little knowledge of healthy, nutritious foods, important food groups and correct portion sizes, it’s a worrying trend that needs to change and one Australian mum has found a creative way to do just that:

The Healthy HarvestAs a mother of two Emma Martin recognises the importance of healthy eating and she has made it her mission to inform children all over the country about healthy foods and where they come from using her very own book series called Edible Education. The first title in the range has just been released and we got to have a little peek at this fun and educational read, The Healthy Harvest.

The Healthy Harvest ($14.95, 32 pages) is a full colour, paper back picture book written specifically for primary school children. The book introduces young readers to Alfie Apple, Sammy Salmon and Wally Wheat and other interesting food characters and teaches them what these foods do for your body, where they come from and how much of them you should eat every day.

The Healthy Harvest Alfie Apple

This first Edible Education book is a fantastic tool for parents, carers and teachers who want to spread this valuable message in a fun, age-appropriate way. At the same time it is a good reminder for adults to make sure you cover all the food groups when planning your meals and keeping an eye on the recommended serving sizes for each of the food groups too. Before you know it the kids will be telling you exactly what is on their plate!

The Healthy Harvest Dairy

To find out more about Edible Education, to take a closer look at The Healthy Harvest and to order your copy online visit www.edibleeducation.com.au.

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Avalina Leather

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Oct 272014

Avalina Leather

I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to you that becoming a mum six years ago meant the end of little luxuries for me, these days it’s just the kids that get spoiled and if I’m lucky I get a nice gift on Mother’s Day and my birthday but that’s it. When I do need something I don’t go out on a whim, I do my research and make sure I buy a quality product that is timeless, classy and sure to last.

Avalina Leather gift box

For the past 1,5 year I have been on the hunt for a new wallet, I searched near and far, even during our European trip, but couldn’t fit one that fit the bill (no pun intended). When you think of how often you use your purse, and how many years it generally lasts, I don’t want to settle for one I like, I want to find one I LOVE but that’s easier said than done. And then I discovered Avalina Leather

Tuscany Leather wallet

Avalina Leather is an Australian leather specialist store that’s home to a stunning range of leather handbags, clutches and purses, it’s basically a candy store for stylish mamas (I have already got my next handbag picked out, they’re all so beautiful!). They’ve got dads covered too with leather messenger bags and leather laptop bags, make sure you bookmark it for your upcoming Christmas shopping.

Tuscany Leather Wallet internal

I absolutely love tan leather so I decided on this simple, elegant Exclusive Zippered Leather Wallet (RRP $130, available in 5 different colours), it’s made from soft, luxurious calf skin Tuscany Leather and looks amazing. I felt very spoiled when it arrived carefully packaged in tissue paper in a pretty gift box, even a authenticity certificate is included so you know you are buying a high quality, genuine product.

Tuscany Leather zip charm

I had to force myself to take some snaps of this beautiful delivery before filling it up with all my cards (and little money), after all it’s not every day that I get to open such a lovely treat. Yes I still have to pay when I go to the shops but at least the gorgeous wallet makes the process of parting with money a little easier, my heart skips a beat every time I get it out of my bag and open it. What’s the last purchase you were this happy with?

To find out more about Avalina Leather, to browse the range and to order online visit www.avalinaleather.com.au, shipping is free Australia wide.

Remington i-Light Pro Face & Body

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Oct 262014

Remington i-Light Pro

As much as I am excited about all the lovely summer dresses, pretty singlets and strappy sandals, I can’t say I am looking forward to all the necessary hair removal that comes with it. With one sunny day after another there is no ‘I’ll leave it for a few days’ option, you have to stay on top of it all the time. Like many other women I dream of permanent hair reduction from the beauty therapist (and sparkly white teeth from the dentist) but the hefty price tag has been holding me back, if you share my dream you’ll be pleased to know that you can achieve the same smooth results at home with Remington:

Remington i-Light Pro Face & Body (RRP $799.95) is a revolutionary light-based device designed that allows you to remove unwanted body hair in the privacy and comfort home of your own home. No matter how hairy you are, this clever product has got you covered (or should I say uncovered?). The Remington i-Light Pro system uses the same similar Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology that professional dermatologists use so you can enjoy similar professional-quality results without having to visit your beauty salon.

Remington i-Light ProYou can use the Remington i-Light Pro Face & Body on almost any area of your body with unwanted body hair: legs, (under) arms, bikini, back/chest and even your face (females only). Unlike most many at-home hair removal methods, the i-Light Pro IPL system doesn’t cut or pull out hair, instead it offers long-lasting results by working below the skin’s surface to disable active hairs and help prevent new ones from growing. Hairs that do grow back will be finer and lighter in colour.

While the Remington i-Light Pro Face & Body works for most people you will only achieve the desired results if your hair and skin colour are suitable, the quick Safe Integrated Skin Sensor makes sure the device is used on appropriate and safe hair and skin colours only.

Remington i-Light Pro Hand DeviceThe Remington i-Light Pro system consists of a handheld device, to direct Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) at the area of your choice, and a base that cradles the hand device when not in use. As the system uses mains power there are no lengthy recharges or batteries to be replaced, just plug it in and go. The included quartz bulb has a very generous flash life of 65,000 flashes and it retains the same intensity for the entire bulb life, once used up the flash bulb can be replaced.

Remington’s i-Light Pro system delivers clinically proven, permanent results in just three fast treatments, by leaving two weeks in between sessions you make sure all hairs in all different stages of their growth cycle have been treated. Treated hairs will fall out in a few weeks and results last six months, that’s the entire Spring/Summer season taken care of!

Remington is 100% convinced you will love the results of the Remington i-Light Pro Face & Body which is why they back it up with a hard-to-beat 90 day money back guarantee and a fantastic 2 year warranty.

Over the next 6 weeks I will be testing the Remington i-Light Pro and getting myself Summer ready, results should be visible after a few short weeks so I will be sure to report my findings. Stay tuned…

To find out more about Remington, to take a closer look at the i-Light Pro Face & Body and to locate a stockist near you visit www.remington-products.com.au.

Oct 252014

Maya the Bee

Like all grandmas and grandpas my parents love spoiling our four children, sadly due to the distance they only get to do so when we visit them in The Netherlands (once every 2-3 years) which is when they go all out with lovely outings, yummy treats and cool gifts. A big hit with all of our kids was the big box of Maya the Bee figurines that my mum saved up for them, they love watching Maya the Bee on ABC4Kids and now they can act out their own stories at home too.

Maya and her friends flew in from The Netherlands

Maya and her friends flew in from The Netherlands

If your children can’t get enough of this loveable little bee either you’ll be pleased to hear that ABC shops are now buzzing with an exclusive range of Maya the Bee products. A gorgeous collection of plush Maya toys, Maya collectable figurines, an interactive Good Night Maya toy, bath figurines and Maya the Bee DVDs have arrived in the meadow, go check them out at your local ABC store or online at www.abcschop.com.

Maya The Bee Plush

Maya and Willy off on another adventure

Maya the Bee PlushWhile kids obviously need to stay clear from real bees with nasty stingers, they can cuddle this sweet Maya Plush Toy (RRP $29.99, 30cm) as much as they want. She is soft, round and huggable and had nice long legs and arms that are easy for little hands to hold on to, she even has wings so with a bit of imagination she can fly too. Personally I love the smaller, but just as cuddly, Maya Plush Toy (RRP $19.99, 20cm), it’s the perfect size for backpacks, car trips and doctor visits and our little miss 1 loves carrying Maya around (under supervision).

Maya the Bee Plush WillyWith three sisters our son often has to settle for girls toys so it’s good to see boys can adopt a bee friend too. Maya’s friend Willy is available in two different sizes Willy Plush Toy (RRP $29.99, 30cm) and Willy Plush Toy (RRP $19.99, 20cm) and although Maya is usually the hero of the story he is an excellent helper during their adventures. Yesterday I heard one of the kids ask: ‘Where is your Willy?’, very glad to discover they were just playing Maya! All plush Maya toys are suitable for ages 3+.

Maya the Bee FigurinesLittle Maya the Bee fans will love collecting the Maya Collectable Figurines (RRP $9.99, 2-pack), they’re fun, affordable and compact (ca. 9-10cm tall) and encourage children to use their imagination and storytelling skills. With arms and legs that really move and a head that can turn these sweet figurines are very realistic. There are 4 different sets to collect, each 2-pack contains Maya the Bee and one of her animal friends.

Maya the Bee MovieTo celebrate the brand new feature film Maya the Bee Movie, which will hit cinemas across Australia on Saturday November 1, we have one family movie pass (admits 4) for the Maya the Bee Movie to give away to a very lucky reader. Would your little ones like to see Maya the Bee on the big screen? I know my kids would! Be quick and get your entries in below, this giveaway will run for one week only so we can get the movie tickets out to the lucky winner in time.

To find out more about Maya the Bee visit www.mayathebee.com.au or get social on www.facebook.com/studio100.mayathebee.

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