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Disney Junior

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Spending 20 hours (one way) on a plane with four young children under six is probably not anyone’s idea of having a relaxing time and I’ll admit I had been quite worried about how the kids would go on such long flights. Of course I had prepared them a backpack each filled with little distractions but I was also hoping the Singapore Air in-flight entertainment would offer some relief. It was a lovely surprise to see their favourite Disney Junior shows were just a few clicks away, just what we needed to keep them happy!

Doc McStuffins

While we don’t have the Disney Junior TV Channel at home we regularly visit the Disney Junior website on (only accessible via PC or Mac) to watch some short episodes online. It is also a fantastic resource for FREE games, activities, colouring pages and even reward charts, just print and enjoy! School holidays are just around the corner so if your child is crazy about the lovely Sofia the First, the adventurous Jake and the Never Land Pirates and the always helpful Doc McStuffins (like our two big girls) this is definitely a website worth bookmarking.

Lambie Soft Toy

Ever since miss 4 first saw Doc McStuffins on TV she has been madly in love with this friendly girl and her toy entourage. She has gathered quite the collection of Doc toys already and Lambie no.2 (oh the tears when she lost Lambie no.1!) is her favourite bed time buddy. Doc McStuffins may be small in age but she has big dreams and wants to become a doctor just like her mum, not a bad goal to have if you ask me! You’re never too young to learn so she is starting with her own home practice where she checks out, diagnoses and fixes any toy that needs a bit of special care.

Doc McStuffins Ball

As I would expect from Disney Doc McStuffins is innocent and age appropriate for young children so I can safely let my little ones watch the show and play the games. They enjoy the stories and at the same time they’re learning about simple but important things like caring for each other, problem solving, health, hygiene, doctor visits and friendship.

By the way, if you’re looking for some fun things to do on Talk Like A Pirate Day tomorrow (September 19) make sure you check out the Disney Junior website. There are lots of great Jake and the Never Land Pirates activities to download like colouring-in pages, a certificate, build-your-own puppet theatre, pirate hat, treasure chest and much more. Ahoy me hearties!

To find out more about Disney Junior, to learn all about the characters, watch videos and play fun games visit

Magic Talking Doc and FriendsThanks to Disney Junior Australia we have an awesome Doc McStuffins Prize Pack (RRP $74.98) to give away. Just answer one simple question to enter but be quick as this speedy giveaway ends next Friday. This is a game of skill and chance plays no part in determining the winners. By entering this giveaway you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

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  126 Responses to “Disney Junior giveaway”

  1. Our favourite Disney character is Doc McStuffins. My 4-years-old Phoebe regularly gets out a doctors kit to fix her toys, and just like Doc’s toys, they talk to her!!

  2. Doc McStuffins, my kids love her and are always singing her theme song when it comes on. She teaches them how to care for others too

    • Very catchy indeed, miss 4 even has a Doc McStuffins whistle, recorder and tambourine that she uses to play along (bring me the earplugs!)

  3. Definitely Doc! She’s caring, smart and ambitious – my kids think she’s pretty funny too!

  4. Doc McStuffins has got us through 4 year immunisations, check-ups & a broken collarbone. Thanks Doc!!!

  5. My 4 years loves doc mcstuffins. She is glued to it when it’s on and tries to help her dolls and toys when they are injuried

    • Clearly it is a big hit with 4 year old girls! It really is a great show to teach them about caring, my 4 year old now wants the dress up so she is a real Doc.

      • My daughter has the coat and the house and the big doll coming at Xmas time . She has the doc carry case and all that now. I’m so excited she loves doc so much

  6. My three littlies absolutely love Doc McStuffins! So much so that I spent an entire week searching for a talking Doc McStuffins for my eldest daughter’s last birthday… And I discovered that when you call up a retail store asking for a ‘talking Doc McStuffins’ most of them have no idea what you’re talking about and think you’re totally crazy! 😀

    They also love Henry Hugglemonster and the Little Einsteins, great shows that are enjoyable yet educational and age appropriate.

    • I hear you! I struggled too at first but now more and more stores stock little Doc toys. Even Woolworths has some and quite well priced. Our local WW currently has the lunchbox and lunch bag at a reduced price, maybe worth putting away for December?

  7. I agree, has to be Doc McStuffins . What a great role model.

    • It’s so important for kids to have good role models and becoming a doctor is actually possible (and a bit more likely than becoming a pirate or princess)

  8. doc because my daughter loves that she helps her stuffed toy animals and often plays her own vet games on her toy dragon

  9. We like Jake and the Neverland Pirates – great for the ‘pirate stage’ lol

    • Well your little ones will have a ball tomorrow then, make sure you grab some free Jake and the Never Land pirates activities for them.

  10. Sofia the First – a delightful little story which the girls love. Bright colours, an underlying theme of accepting people around you; full of laughs and cute adventures. Love it. Grabs the girls attention every time.

  11. My nieces love Doc McStuffins. It is legitimately the only show they will sit down and watch the entire thing. I also believe that the story lines are great and really open the girls up to thinking why toys/ things aren’t working instead of tossing them aside and moving on to the next one. They have way more respect for their toys now.!

    • You are so right, Doc McStuffins is a great way to teach children about recycling which is very important in such a ‘disposable’ society.

  12. We really don’t have a favourite. The Disney junior channel is broadcasting through our house day in and day out! Each show is loved for different reasons. It’s my Mary Poppins of the TV world.
    When Disney junior is on, the house is clean, the kids are quiet, dinner is eaten…just like Mary Poppins, it’s magical!

  13. Sofia the First with all her fun princess adventures

    • You can never go wrong with a good princess story, as a mum of three girls there is always someone pretending to be a beautiful princess.

  14. Stella & Sam, such a good show. Kids love it and all of the fun and trouble they get up to.

  15. Doc McStuffins is so much fun. Watching her fix her friends keeps the little ones amused for hours.

  16. Doc McStuffins is a fantastic way for the youngsters to learn important life skills and to help them gain worth while knowledge. Way to go!!!

  17. Love Doc McStuffin a great role model!!

  18. Sophia – because she’s such a little Princess!

  19. Doc, of course! I love her because my daughter loves her!

  20. Sofia the First – so much fun and not too girlie girlie!

  21. Mickey Mouse, always Mickey Mouse! I still have the themesong in my head: ‘M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e Mickey Mouse… and Donald Duck!’

  22. doc mcstuffins ofcourse – miss 5 loves playing her with doctor bad & fixing everyone & everything

  23. sofia, she looks like a princess just like my daughter

  24. Sofia as she is the perfect princess and all three of my girls love her

  25. Winnie the Pooh because he has many life lessons to teach and the right attitude to mentor little ones through life safely and morally!

  26. My daughter has just discovered and loves Sofia the First. I have no idea how, since we don’t have foxtel but regardless, I have now discovered the Disney Jnr website so we can watch episodes and download colouring pages.

  27. Timmy from Timmy Time is creative and smart animal. It shows how much the kids can develop different skills when they go to school or childcare.

  28. doc mcstuffins
    i’ve been saying doc mcstuffings & my 3y.o corrected me just now

  29. Doc McStuffins as my son loves her and wants to be a Doctor too!

  30. Jake from Jake and the Neverland pirates. He even reaches up to “grab” the gold doubloons form the screen when invited.

  31. Has to be Stella and Sam. Definitely the favourite in this family.
    They make us all laugh.

  32. Stella & Sam, the kids love this so. And I reckon its the bees knees too.
    A lovely show.

  33. Jake and the Neverland Pirates, a colourful, happy and fun show that is great fro all ages.

  34. Stella & Sam, what a great show.
    a big hit in this house.
    Look forward to it.

  35. Definitely Doc herself, its taught her how to nuture, fix and repair her toys, give family members physicals and checkups, bandage them up and sing them some delightful song “Time for your checkup” “Every one gets hurts sometimes” “I feel better now” “Wash your hands” and “water water” it’s very cute

  36. mickey mouse he is classic disney

  37. Doc mcstuffins, my daughter loves her to bits because shes kind gentle and caring !!

  38. Squeak & Boo, they’re too cute for their own good.

  39. Timmy!!! Always learning from his mistakes, my son can’t get enough of him.

  40. Sofia the princess is just gorgeous & I wish doc mcstuffin was around when I was a kid. shes so cute.

  41. It’s definatley doc mcstuffins my 9 month old goes crazy dancing to the theme song it’s too adorable

  42. All disney jr shows are wonderful but Doc is a favourite character for little girls to look up to.

  43. Jake the pirate – my daughter made me buy a pirate costume because of Jake!

    • Did she choose the girl pirate suit? My twins (boy and girl) are always asking me to buy them the boy and girl pirate suit, I am yet to give in 🙂

  44. My daughter’s would love this!

  45. Winnie the Pooh, because he is always there for his friends!

  46. Princess Sofia, because I just love princesses.

  47. My favourite is Issy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. My eldest daughter has always loved pirates so it’s great that there is finally a GIRL pirate! Girls can do anything they want – even be a pirate, but only a good, caring and helpful pirate like Jake and his crew!

  48. Cant beat Doc McStuffins in this house. My daughter Sophie goes into her room, half closes the door and says “The Doc is in”

  49. Doc mcstuffins my 3 year old just loves her he sings along It’s a great kiddies show he loves the but where she sings “I’m so better now” he say that when he’s not feeling to go good so cute I reckon

  50. Winnie the Pooh because my daughter adores him he is he best friend

  51. Winnie the Pooh is a hit in our household going right back when I was a whipper snapper. What a great name!

  52. Winnie The Pooh’s Piglet, small but mighty, loyal and sweet. The best kind of friend.

  53. Timmy Time is our favorite he is cute and educational

  54. Definitely Sofia the First – she’s great fun for everyone!

  55. My Daughters Favourite on Disney Juinor is Doc Mcstuffins because she is so kind and caring. My daughter wants to be just like her. She would love this for her birthday next month. Thank you for the chance 🙂

  56. Incredibly refreshing to see culturally diverse dolls on the shelves! We adore Doc! 😀

    • Definitely a welcome change! In saying that miss 6 has the Doc doll and the hair is very tricky, I am in awe of mamas who have to do this type of hair in real life every day!

  57. Mickey mouse, always been popular and smart

  58. Doc McStuffins via Disney Junior website, has been wonderful in allaying ‘Littlie’s” fears over the last few weeks where we’ve has a series of medical and hospital appointments, including a minor operation to contend with .

  59. My daughter has recently discovered Mickey and Minnie Mouse courtesy of the new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes. My daughter loves them because they have such fun adventures. I have fallen in love with them again too. It is great to have characters that I can teach my four year old daughter about rather than her teaching me!

  60. Miss 2YO & I love to sing along to the songs. It’s a good show to
    Communicate when she’s hurt or explaining the roles of doctors and nurses duties at hospital or for appointments. Lambie is her fav cheerful character as it’s important to get hugs before & after!

  61. Henry Hugglemonster is what gets my three laughing and totally absorbed 🙂 It is such a colourful show, they love him 🙂

  62. Doc McStuffins is my 2yo daughters favourite Disney character. She always get out her little doc set and makes me help fix her teddy bears and dolls.

  63. We love Doc. My 3 year old sings the theme song all the time. She even sang to our doctor while she was having a check up

  64. Winnie The Pooh because he’s an adorable clueless bear with a big heart that loves honey.

  65. Princess Sofia, is a beautiful princess who every girl wants to be, in that pretty dress she smiles with glee, sweet and adorable, humble too!, cute yet clumsy with a pure heart of gold, a wonderful story is always told! carefree and joyful, a royal one, with all her friends she always has fun, we love her!!!

  66. Our 15 month old loves all things Doc Mcstuffins and Lambie! Plus I love that she is such a great role model for girls and is so age appropriate! It is hard to find positive role models that are wearing age appropriate clothes and that don’t focus on hair and makeup! I love that it encourages a love for the health sciences plus love that she is a great role model for brown skinned people just like my daughter too, she can see that her brown skin is represented positively on mainstream kids media too.

  67. Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. My 3 boys all love to watch this show and it’s great for problem solving!

  68. Doc McStuffins, just to be different, lol. No really, my daughter does love her.

  69. Sofia the first is a big hit at our house. She is lovely and cute!

  70. Timmy Time always make my little one giggle so he is my Favourite.

  71. Disney’s show Doc mcstuffins is the favourite show in my house, but Stuffy is my daughters favourite character. She says he is the funniest!

  72. Winnie the Poo – Gorgeous stories that always have a life lesson meaning behind them that some help kids to learn about life and fit in. Poo and his lovable friends make their adventures fun and creative and showing what real friends/family will do for each other and the amazing bond of love they share

  73. Our little Doc McStuffins lover thrives on convincing her siblings to be her patients…her motive is that if they are ‘ill’ on the couch, then her toys are safe!

  74. My daughter loves Doc McStuffins, and she says she wants to be a doctor when she grows up because she loves to fix people.

  75. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with his happy attitude,
    Always lifts my tantrum toddler’s mood!

  76. Lambie from Doc McStuffins. Lambie loves her hugs and it goes with the message ‘hugs can fix anything’ that i’m always telling my kids.

  77. Sofia the first….every little girls dream but she needs to put in the hard work!

  78. Doc McStuffins – her curious nature is so positive and awesome, the perfect character role model for my children.

  79. My little girl loves Doc McStuffins. Finally Disney offers a clever little girl main character that isn’t a ballerina or a princess. I want my daughter to grow with a proper view of all things girls can be and accomplish in life.

  80. We love Doc McStuffins, but our favourite character is Hallie, she is so adorable and lovable and caring. As Doc’s nurse she helps Doc be the best she can be, and my daughter loves copying her dance moves 🙂

  81. Yep, Doc McStuffins, she is great!! She is a fantastic Disney character creation.

  82. Doc McStuffins

  83. My little one loves Sofia the first, with all the great messages that are relayed through the show in a way my daughter can understand.

  84. Doc McStuffins is also a big hit at our home… The little folk are HUGE fans!

  85. Little Miss Four loves Doc McStuffins. She loves using her stethoscope to ensure that the whole family’s (including the cat) hearts are “beeping”.

  86. I do love Doc, she’s kind, considerate, smart and creative. It is super cool to see a show with a little girl who is ambitious about her future and about something that isnt becoming a princess

  87. Sofia the first, princess for my princesses granddaughters but the love Doc too, time for a check up lol!

  88. I love Doc because she shows girls they can be anything they want to me, my daughter plays Dr’s over Skype with her cousin, its so cute!

  89. I love Doc Mcstuffins great for the kids imagination


  91. squeak and boo are cute and lots of fun…my son loves all the disney junior characters

  92. They both loved the Mickey Mouse club. Our youngest first sentence was Mickey Mouse he’s his favourite.

  93. We love Doc McStuffins,
    She shows how much she cares,
    She is a great role model,
    For children every where.

    Her love for animals shines,
    Like bright stars in the sky,
    My children love all animals, and
    Want to grow up to be loving and caring just like her!

  94. My son just loves Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. We can’t wait to see them at the Royal Melbourne Show this year. 🙂

  95. My daughter has just discovered and fallen in love with Sofia the First! She is a grat role model for young girls.

  96. Doc McStuffins, she is a great role model and funny, this show always encourages hours of imaginative play

  97. Doc Mcstuffins because she provides a fantastic role model for young girls and because even more importantly my daughter is obsessed with her.

  98. My daughter loves Sofia the First because she’s a princess with a pet bunny – I like the show because it teaches great values to the little ones like kindness, sharing, and how to apologize when you do something wrong.

  99. Doc Mcstuffins, she’s just fantastic with the way she fixes and talks to her toys.

  100. Buzz lightyear from toy story. I found some old VHS tapes and put Toy story 1 and 2 on, and still after all these years it has held it’s appeal.

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