Aug 312014

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Big Birthday Bash – Day 31

After the huge success of PacaPod in its home country the UK it was only a matter of time before stylish mothers around the world would want to get their hands on this award winning range of baby changing bags. Thanks to Brand Style PacaPod is now within reach of hip Aussie mamas and we’ve got one of these beautiful baby bags to give away to one lucky winner:

PacaPod Oban Black

Designed by and for mums the unique PacaPod 3-in-1 Baby Organising System takes the hassle out of travelling with your baby. On the outside the PacaPod bag looks like a fabulous designer bag that doesn’t appear childish or babyish at all, yet behind that classy look it hides a large list of clever features that will make changing, feeding and caring for your baby on the go a breeze. Pretty and practical, you get the best of both worlds! There are lots of fantastic designs to choose from to suit your personality and taste beautifully.

PacaPod Oban Changing BagThe PacaPod Oban 3-in-1 Changing Bag ($179) with its timeless black design makes a perfect everyday companion for both mums and dads. Hang it over your shoulder like a shoulder bag, cross it over your chest like a messenger bag, hang it from your pram or even wear it as a backpack, the Oban is all about versatility. Weighing in at a tiny 0.97kg it’s the ideal bag for parents on the go, baby stuff is heavy enough as it is!

Simply zip open the front pocket to reveal PacaPod’s signature 3-in-1 Organising System containing a changer pod, feeder pod and padded change mat. Thanks to the individual pods you can keep nappy change essentials separate from your baby’s food, so much more hygienic than storing everything together in one big space. The main compartment has plenty of room for all your other baby necessities and, if you are not using the pods, it’s even big enough to fit most laptops. The PacaPod Oban will last well past the baby stage, what a great investment.

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